Monday, April 5, 2010

The great spring break...

boy 2: "What's for lunch?"

boy 1: "Parathas? Thank you...!!!!"

boy2: "Why parathas, why not maggi?"

boy1: "You made burgers? you always make his favorite,'

boy1: "Pasta? wow, amma thank you...erm..can you put less veggies next time?"

boy2: "Can we buy this baguette? for garlic bread?"

boy1: "Not rice again!!!! can we have at least 1 ricefree day!"

boy2: "I'm hungry, not the fruit kind of hungry!"

boy1: "can you tell him to stop smirking!"

boy2: "he's kicking me under the table"

boy1: "he's bugging me'

boy2: "no, i didn't! i just stood in the doorway!"

As you can see, everything is revolving around food and the nerves these days!

Yes, the great spring break has arrived and with it, the endless arguments and comments on the lunch/dinner menu, and the snack items and the temperature of the milk. Next time remind me to print a menu!

Having a 12 yrold and 7 yrold at home the whole day, is good exercise to the vocal chords, theirs and mine. They spend their day practising their sarcasm or getting on each others' nerves. I spend my day, deciphering the insults and practising my unruffled, serene mom act.

One wants to go swimming, the other wants to chill out. One wants to watch cartoon, the other wants to watch his IPL! One uses his words and the other one his tears!

Where was i? yes, the hols! You would think that i would get the luxury of sleeping till the birds came knocking at my windows.

I thought so too!

It turns out that my 12 yrold has been selected for his school's basketball team for which he has to attend school practice during his holidays. (They have tournaments when school reopens, hence the practice during holidays) Which in turn means that i still have to get up at 5.45 in the morning and wake up the birds and then my son.

Then this week he was given a 5 day break.

So now i have a 12 yrold sprawled on the sofa reading, eating, playing, arguing, reading, eating and yes playing. Of course he is taking it easy, very easy. Extremely easy in fact! So much so i want to join him on that sofa and just stretch out my hand, for that juice and snacks, but then I'm the only candidate at the moment for the coveted post of '24 hr do whip up something tasty' cook!

I also have a 7 yrold sprawled on the bed since 8.00, looking at the clock ticking away , because for some reason he has made up his mind that he wants to wake up at 11.00 today!

So I contemplated aloud on what could be done with 5 glorious days of vacation - museum, football in the park, a beach run?, library, ice skating, swimming!? So much to do in 5 days, right?



Park anyone?


A very unamused 12 yrold voice threatened, "If you continue, i'm going to start counting days for my basket ball practice so that i can get back to school asap! I just want to stay at home"

And the 7 yrold excitedly exclaimed: "oooh, ice skating? beach? YES!!!"


Welcome to the lazy, crazy days! Lazy for them, crazy for me!

But either way, i'm lurving it! :) :) :)


Swaram said...

LOL .. Crazy days r fun .. I lurved the post :P

mindspace said...

"I'm hungry, not the fruit kind of hungry!"
this sounds so familiar.. ah, wait. I hear that frm my husband all the time.. hah!

have a great time Suma, holidays are such fun :D

Meira said...

Gulp! I was one such kid. My mom survived to tell the tales. So will you. So will the rest of us who'l experience this sometime! GULP nonetheless

rayshma said...

i was like that. as a kid. my mom would say i'm still like that... but i would differ! :D

WHERE did you find those pretty flowers in the registaan?

Suma said...

Swaram:: laugh away!laugh away! kabhi toh tera number bhi aayega :)

mindspace:: ah yes..the hubbies are a post unto themselves!

Meira:: circle of life and all that jazz :)i think hols are a way of telling us what brats we were when we were kids

Rayshma:: some people never change do they :P
and someone noticed the flowers!!!! thank you rayshma, what eagle eyes you have :) those flowers are found all over doobai esp during winter...they are on their last bloom now, all drying up due to the heat

Jyoti Ajay said...


WhatsInAName said...

...............and guess what I always thought that as they grow, they will mature and be more loving and be more helpful but NO NO NO :(
Its a repeat act every vacation ;)

Monika said...

LOL the post had me laughing :)

asha said...

OMG, i go through the same phase with my 13 and 11 year olds. what one likes the other dislikes not just in food but when it comes to TV and comp they want the same time slots.
I empathise with you.

Yes, yes... It is a crazy world and let us enjoy as long as it lasts. LAter when they are grown up and fly away, we will miss them. So enjoy madi.

Kavi said...

Oh ! What fun time ! Looks like busy days ahead for you !

Reflections said...

LOL how familiar it all sounds to me;-D

Love the header!!!!Is it my imagination or is there an extra letter at the end of ur allochaney;-D

Mama - Mia said...

yenejaay dude!! :D

my poor kid wont know the pleasures of good cook mom! sigh!

lurved this post! :)


Sagarika said...

Lolz.. awesome... how can you ever get bored with so much fun around???

*Sigh* I miss school holidays when me and my sis both used to be at home! ....

Swati said...

heheh..i remembered my brother's and my fights over whose favourite mom cooks :)

Reflections said...

Busy???? No updates????
Get back sooon!!!!

Swaram said...

Lovely header Suma :)

Guruprasad said...

by the time the hols are nearing an end, everyone is waiting to get back to school... the kids are all excited... and to be honest, we are waiting for the welcome break. school means a few hours of peace at home! :)

Guruprasad said...

by the time the hols are nearing an end, everyone is waiting to get back to school... the kids are all excited... and to be honest, we are waiting for the welcome break. school means a few hours of peace at home! :)

Anil P said...

A year or two at the hostel when they grow up :-)

Aarthi said...

Ha ha.. Jus now I read Prats blog about her kids !! I can understand you both share the same kinda feelings!! Hats off mums :)

Reflections said...


And u knw why!!!!

Swaram said...

Wow! I luv ur header :)
Hvn't I told this too many times nw :P
Post maadi pls ;)

Monika said...

tagged high time u did another post ;-)

Reflections said...

I tagged u...but I see u've been tagged already:-)

Waiting to read it:-D!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Preethi said...

Suma are you warning me?? And I have a boy and a girl.. they are going to drive me crazy arent they? sigh!!

onlooker said...

hmm..wats up? dubai not inspiring enuf?! :)