Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It has been six months since I last posted and the reason for that had to be something phenomenal.



How about 'The wordsmith in me was on leave and forgot to get back?"

The only reason I've rushed to post something is because a reader who obviously does not know me too well, sort of  asked if i was expecting some 'good news'!


The only good news that I can expect right now, is that my 7 yrold who acts as if he is 13/14/15 goes back to acting his sweet 7 again.

As for me, after the great spring break, days flew and soon it was time for "The Grand Summer Break".

70 days of premier-quality parenting sort of broke my routine permanently!

India and Istanbul have been seen and raved about, the boys have been STILL behaving angelic, perhaps it is time to take out the keyboard.

Now to entice that wordsmith back. Any ideas?


rm said...

SOMETHING ABOUT Itanbul or about your daily life...write anything we love to read you.

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Welcome Back..six months..
& what a trigger for this post //i was expecting some 'good news'!// oh my,people can really allow their imagination fly..
So hope you are back in Blog for good

Jyoti Ajay said...

welcome back

Pavi!!!! said...

ahaha! people n their imaginations i tell u :D

oh woow!istanbul..wirte abt it n share pics! n abt dear ol' india. n ur baby stories/rants :)

Welcome Back !

pink dogwood said...

welcome back - missed you

monisha mehta said...

hey , nice blog , like it ,
won't be nice if i u can clickover to my blog page too ,
& post some suggestion

Swaram said...

Chalo! Atleast I know what to ask u next time u go on one such break; hope it does nt happen though ;)

onlooker said...

:) so welcome back after the break! its not the topic which will ever be a problem or the hitch, its the mindset, so having crossed that, i think its just going to be the dancing fingers on the keyboard! :) me too crawling back to the blogdom, after a while. nothing like pouring out i guess! :) Best wishes for a string of posts!!

Just Like That said...

LOL! Welcome back anyways. God bless that friend.

Asha said...

welcome back!

Aarthi said...

Glad to see u again :)

Nags said...

its been ages! i am writing again in truly madly deeply and finally reading all those long overdue posts from my tmd friends :) wish you would write more..

Reflections said...

LOL just 1 post to let us know that ur not and then back to hibernation again huh;-D

Come on its been 6 months, post something!!!!