Friday, December 21, 2007

Let me tell you a story...

The day's finally arrived...In a few hours my parents will be here with me...and I'm in my hyper excited state...

I may not be able to post much but I do wish to leave you with a story I wrote...a story which got featured in Sulekha, where i also blog...the story was in response to a contest where all the stories had to begin with the line "Dear Santa, I've been good this year because..."

The boy in the story is precious ...he is modelled after my very own...

I would love you to read it. Hope he warms your heart the way he does ours...every single day!

Wishing you all a great new year!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Making Every Minute COUNT!!!

What would I like to do the next ten years down the line? Prats tagged me with this and I found the exercise very beneficial. For a person taking each day as it comes this was a much needed exercise and time is really running out!!!

The first thing that came to my mind was that my boys would be 20 and 15 at the end of those years and I was terrified to even think that far ahead. I would definitely want to be a great parent, someone they would remember as fun and unique, not as a sour faced witch. Please let that be a reality.

The next is working on my rock of Gibraltar, G! It has been 14 yrs and I no longer look through rose tinted glasses. I see better without them and I like what I see!! He surely is one of a kind. Irrespective of how frivolous I sound when I refer to him, I do feel that when they made him they broke the mold! He can be exasperating at times but I cannot take away his basic goodness from him. He has a wonderful quality– of doing without so that we can do with. There is no need to, but it is a habit he cannot break. So my agenda is to make him a bit selfish and think about himself. I want to make sure he achieves his little dreams, those little things which he has stored away as unimportant. The challenge – making do it…but I’m not a woman for nothing…;)
Pssst…prats, I’m going to get you for this…making me write such mushy things on my blog

I’ve take the first steps in reinventing a new me. I’ve started writing and it gives me immense pleasure. There was a time when books, my art pad and myself were inseparable. Somewhere along the line, these disappeared as more necessary diversions took their place. It's time for a beginning...

It has been my dream to open a children’s centre where books, games and experiences are the focal points. It would be a dream come true to see everyone hooked onto reading. I want to make it accessible to the not –so-privileged. In Delhi, libraries are not popular. Either you buy a book and read or steal one!!! I would like to change that!! It would be different and I'm keeping my fingers crossed….

One day, my boys gave me a fragrant surprise – a small bouquet of flowers from the garden. “We didn’t pluck it Amma, we found them on the ground” my younger one makes sure I know that!!! It still remains the best bouquet I’ve received! Now, every time they go down to play, they come up with their very own Bouquet special, just for me!! ….Why do I write this? Because I want more of that! I have always been in a hurry. I’m going to slow down, act my age and take a stroll, stopping to smell the flowers and enjoy everything that is dear to me. because in the end it will be these beautiful memories, that will become my most precious treasures.

I would like to win a few personal battles. My temper, my impatience, my fear of heights and the fear of being on stage…The first two need a lot of self control and the stage fright has cost me many precious opportunities which I will always regret. I would love to learn meditation but training my hyper mind to stay in one place is like asking my boys to sit still.

A special dream is sunsets shared in a small cozy place with THE reading place. Through the years, the house specifics change, but my image of that special reading place remains.

I wish I could do more for my parents. I have a truly wonderful family and knock on wood, the one above has given me a sheltered life. I don’t do a good job of letting people know how much they mean to me. I have to change that …by the end of 10 years hopefully it becomes a habit

A wish to give back to the society in any little way I can. We sponsor a girl in Mumbai, I try to do my bit with the maid but that’s not IT. I want to do something more, something tangible and involve the children too in this exercise of becoming better humans.

A longing to go back to my roots. And to give the children a glimpse into that world - a place with the lanterns for light and the hills as playgrounds. Ghost stories in the dusk…gossip by the well and a life without television!!Food cooked on charcoal and fire and the animals as sentinels...

Thank you , prats...this was fun too. There is so much more I want to do, backpack all over India, learn a new sport, an instrument, making the kids realize the value of family and traditions, exposing them to differnt cultures ..…Will I do it all?

This was an eye-opener and the little voice tells me, …make every minute count!!!

Now, preethi, rayshma, joy , justjen …and rambler…I hereby tag you…

Monday, December 17, 2007

Season after season

I’m feeling strangely happy …and excited…It has been a whole week since I did a post (a very long time by my standards) nor did any visiting/commenting and I got two reminders from rayshma, asking me if all was well. And of course from Prats, to find out if things were okay! That is one reason for my joy, that someone noticed that I’ve been quiet…you see it happens very rarely at home!!! The second reason is December. This month always does this to me. It makes my mood upbeat and gets that curve on my face, even if there is nothing to smile for.

It is already December…!!! It is that time of the year when beautifully lit streets beckon you and the season commands you to be merry. Another year draws to a close, 12months is a long time and you are forced to introspect.

This year was a year of more lows than highs. It was one that spelt grief and pain for the people very close to me. A family mourned an unexpected death and a relative is still battling cancer. The realization hits you like the icy wind on your face…that things are changing whether I like it or not.

It is because of these low points that i've learnt to treasure the good moments. The moments when my oldest surprised me with his ability to adapt, when we moved here to Singapore. This move has shown me a new beautiful side of him which I will always cherish.

I’ve always loved this part of the year. I never make resolutions because to me a commitment is sacred. But I look forward to the New Year because it symbolizes the beginning, in more ways than one. I turn a year older too, quite at the very beginning, so it acts as a wake-up call. Time is indeed flying and girl, you better hurry if you want to walk on all those paths you’ve charted out.

Blogging has given me a medium to enjoy my writing. Writer’s island, Sunday scribbling and the Wordless Wednesdays make sure I come back for more!

It’s been six months since I’ve joined this lovely circle of virtual friends and it is still expanding, each day getting to know someone new. Prats certainly holds a special place for it was through her that I discovered the wonderful world of blogging. In fact she gave me the pleasure of my first comment and she indeed is a beautiful person through and through.

There is a nip in the air even here in pleasant Singapore. There is an excitement in my heart and I seem to be smiling a lot these days. My heart does a little jig as the countdown begins. The countdown not for the New Year but for the week my parents arrive here to spend time with their grandchildren. After a long, long time, I’ve heard the excitement in their voices, and I’m delighted that if not anything, I can at least brighten these last two weeks of the year and get a smile back on their faces…

This time writer’s island came up with the apt prompt “The Season” and it so well reflects my current season, with all its beautiful moods. Yes, it is a SEASON reflecting change; change for the better, a season of a new me!! It is a season of renewal and I'm aiming high to realise a few dreams.

I wish all you people out there a beautiful season ahead, a year which brings out more smiles in you than tears and the fulfillment of many wonderful dreams. Wishes from the heart…thought aloud!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007


What moment would I write about?

The moment I told my first serious lie or the moment of shame when i got found out?

The moment of winning my first prize or the moment of losing a friend?

The moment of an insult or the moment of a hug?

What moment should I talk about?

The moment when I was a child or the one when I was that no more?

The moment I stepped into a new life or the moment I waved goodbye to the old?

The moment I gave life or that moment when I lost one?

Or the moment I wiped a tear or that when i received a smile?


Those moments of happiness or those countless ones of lost temper,

Moments of abandon or moments of self-control,

Moments spent dreaming or moments spent coming back to the real!!

So, tell me what moment should I talk about?

Every moment has its significance - a moment of sadness, a moment of glory, a moment of love or a moment of weakness. They are all frozen... many in pictures, words, actions and mind. But will I ever be able to recapture the feeling of the moment just gone? can I?

Once again Writer's island has given us a beautiful moment. Grab it!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

addicted, who me?

This post is for that much suffering person in my life, the EH..(equal half)..I'm very fair that way..there can be no better has to be equal or none at all!!

Coming back to the word's occurred to me, esp when i do those damn tags, that life with me is not exactly a bed of roses. There he must be definitely suffering more than me!

But this post is not going to be a mushy sentimental one, even if he deserves it sometimes. At the moment i happen to be a little miffed with him. He's thrown a very serious accusation at me. He said at dinner time..."I think you are addicted"...very seriously, very sweetly but said it nevertheless...

He's the only one i know who can be seriously sweet!!which means that i better take it seriously!! which in turn means, Ms Piggy comes to the fore and oils her arguing cords..

addicted, me, moi?? and to what may i know?..

to the net..came the reply

later,dwelling on this, i thought to myself..addicted, no way..but the seeds of doubt have been sown...

a little voice spoke...of course you are, aren't you always at your computer..

me...hey, that's just a few creative juices overflowing!!and i have to use my computer for my magazine work

Lil voice..."Rubbish...and the time when you didn't utter a word when he carried the laptop along on the holiday...and you even perked up when you realised the room had free wireless (since when have you been interested in wireless technology?)

me...whose side are you on, his or what if i did?...

Lil voice...and the look your son gives you when you lecture about too much Internet...Didn't he say, oh yeah!we all know who's using it these days

Me...hmm.....So everyone needs an outlet for those creative outbursts...and okay, okay, perhaps i'm a wee bit addicted...just a teeny weeny bit...

Though, it's not reached the stage where i sleep with the computer and i've not yet used it in the loo. Still,.... you think ....he could be right?(the horror of it all, if he turns out to be right!!)

There is no doubt that i enjoy blogging. Its through blogging that i've rediscovered a lost passion and your supportive comments make me want to do more.Thanks to you, wonderful blogger friends, i keep coming back for more. So its your fault...i think... :)

But now since it just doesn't do to have the EH right, i will be de-addicting myself. From now on I'm going to glance into bloville just five times a day. Remember I've called you 'wonderful' so you wouldn't say 'good riddance to me'now would you?

I'll be back...


like in a day...

Monday, December 3, 2007

A promise is what i want!!!

Is it a promise?…

A bright morning…the birds chirp…the sky a beautiful hue…a promise of a beautiful day

Hands intertwined…hearts given…vows exchanged…a promise of a bond of a lifetime

A hot summer’s afternoon…the sun hidden...the dark clouds dance …a promise of falling silver

A pregnant lady…hand on her belly…a curve on her lips….a promise of life and nurture

A handshake, firm and welcoming …a smile so bright… a promise of friendship and loyalty

A country of billions... a leader talks....a promise of hope and change

Aged and wizened, duties done, welcoming the deathly around…an unsaid promise of care and devotion…

A word given to a child…a task to be done…an unbroken promise of trust and belief

A promise made...a word broken...the sound of shattering glass...never to mend
'promise also brought to mind a wonderful book -The Kite Runner’ by khaled Hosseini
Thank you Writer's island!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The walk...

From my baby steps to my giant ones, walking is something I do a lot. I have stumbled, faltered, strayed but I’ve never lost sight of the path I want to walk on.There is always that unseen hand showing me the way, guiding me, making sure that i go forward.

I’ve learnt to walk behind my parents, trying to follow everything they do, trying my best to keep up with them. I’ve walked beside my sisters and friends, and enjoyed pain and happiness together. I walk side by side with the ones I love; sometimes stopping to smell the flowers, sometimes taking time to remove the thorns.

There was a time when I had to walk slowly in front of my little ones, waiting for them to catch up. Now I have to hurry, sometimes, for fear that I may not catch up with them.

Sometimes my path crosses those walked by others. Here, I've met many who have helped me and who have befriended me. Those are walks I do cherish! The steps have been firmer as the years roll on but I know that if I stumble there are ready pairs of hands to pull me up.

Isn’t it fortunate that I have found so many people to walk with, in my life?

A precious moment...
At the beach, my son said.."Look, amma look!" I turned to see him putting his feet inside our footprints left in the sand and he said, gleefully..'look! i almost fit in them'

So you do, my boy, so you do!

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