Thursday, March 27, 2008

kuch khatti...kuch meethi

I've been tagged by ever smiling joy to write about 10 things i hate about men. Hate is a strong word and reserved for those who are scums. Since all the guys i know fall into the decent category, let's just say that there are a few things i love to dislike. After 14years of marriage, you cannot hate, you live with...Everyone has their flaws and no one's perfect...a look at both sides...;)

A few things men love to dislike in women

Chatting: : Give a woman a phone and a dear friend and you will never get the phone back…coming to Singapore has been expensive especially when I feel Delhi-sick and brainwash myself into having a teeny weeny chat with my friends…after sometime…I see hubby doing a lil jig with his watch, which is one of the perks of making the call

Decision making…(have seen a few friends go through this)

Wife: What do you want for dinner today? roti or rice..?
Anything” the bored reply…
Wife: “help me make a decision…what do you want?”
"Ok roti…"
Wife: you don’t want rice? (I tell you, here she asked for it)

Slowly getting irritated…okay, rice...!!!!

There… hell has now broken loose…Dinner will now be neither roti nor rice, and will be served amidst freezing temperature…

I don’t do this…I just cook ‘whatever’…

Women drivers… : : There are excellent women drivers and then there are the not so capable ones. There was a time when I decided to relearn. After three 'crash' courses, I've stopped trying to drive, in consideration of my women friends who ARE excellent drivers!!!!...if I’m behind the wheel, it takes me five minutes to move an inch... and then we gallop the next few meters... that is why I like to drive only if the road is clear with no one around. :) Since that is never going to happen, I have sensibly moved driving to the ‘better do before I die’ list…

Women, do you dislike this in men too?

Degree of involvement ...: : Dislike the favoritism towards cricket, soccer and mobile. Really need to direct your interests more into shopping, listening, praising and spending (time, ie).

Small talk...: : I cannot understand how one grunt or monosyllable can possibly encompass all the emotions and responses but it does. It is most effective when uttered behind the newspaper or the laptop screen.

google...: : I'm the google in our house...that says it all.

Attention span ...: : I'm angry...and i'm waiting for an apology...He has the attention span of a goldfish and has already forgotten what has made me angry!!!

Multi-tasking...: : let's face were not cut out for multitasking...that is why managing home and career becomes emotionally draining for women. It does not matter how well we do a task, we will always feel guilty. We also process information better...

Joy, you were right, that was not as easy as i thought it would be... Now if I had been tagged with this 10yrs earlier...hmmm but what's life without some spice, right? :)

rayshma, wian, jlt, preethi (if you have time in chennai, ie), let's see you add your mirch masala to this...i'm tagging you

Monday, March 24, 2008

Persistent and how…

When we were young, and had company over for dinner, I remember a strange ritual. My mother would ask the guest if he wanted a second helping, he would decline and yet my mom would persuade him and serve him some more. It was funny because we knew he wanted more, yet he expected us to force him to eat more!! That was my first initiation into the art of persistent hospitality. We Indians are very persistent hosts. Especially to people we like…especially when it comes to food. especially to anyone who visits home...

Psst...We are also persistent breeders, as the population statistics go...but that's not what this post is all about.

When I moved to Delhi, the neighbor, a portly lady, invited us for lunch. ‘You are so thin’ she exclaimed in horror and proceeded to dump steaming hot parathas (Indian savory bread) with dollops of butter right on my already overfilled plate. It took me hours to finish it, partly because I don’t like butter and partly because I wanted her to get tired of waiting for me to finish. :-P

It’s been 14 years, but the ritual is always the same. People tsk at our ‘thinness’, and proceed to fatten us up… The amount of dishes cooked often varies with how close the person is to us… If you are the son-in-law, then you can be assured of being smothered with food!!! It’s just that stomachs rebel…My hubby finds it hard to decline a second helping politely…, he always ends up being served a third helping… !

In my case it's the opposite... If it’s a close friend/cousin/sister, we’ll be lucky if we get any food, because we would be so busy chattering away!!Now if you happen to have a full platter waiting for you at my home, it does not mean that i don't consider you a friend, it means i have had some advance notice...and that you are lucky to have got it served to you before i started chatting...

On the other hand, if the platter's ready and i keep serving you and serving you so that you have no time to talk., get the picture...:-P
fitted well with the writer's island prompt this time

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I don't get it??????

(pic courtesy:

I just don’t get it!!!
Sunday scribblings has given us the license to publicly rant. Hope you have time...This could get long.

Why is it that parents can read your every tone or sense a down cast mood…husbands on the other hand need a d*** placard!!

Why is it that when you work (I work from home), guests assume you are not doing anything and chat you up?

Telling a child fed on a diet of phonetics that apple cannot be spelt apl and cough is not the same as cuf…and not being able to explain why because phonetically, he’s right.

Why there are such few children in the playground and more inside their homes, looking at screens.

Why people feel the need to brush away my fears as inconsequential …For instance I fear heights…it is something ‘I’ have to overcome, I don’t need the added pressure of someone telling me it is nothing. You may fear something I don’t fear...

The fascination/obsession for a male child!!!!! As a young girl, I was always asked this one question…"you don’t have brothers?" It made me feel insignificant…My parents didn’t mind, why did others? No I don’t have brothers! If I did I would tell you…

Cruelty to someone weaker than you...

Technology strides...i'm crawling way behind

Jazzing up my blog :(


Bombastic language :)

awwww...Do I have to stop now?

I really get irked by...

the need for War,




Child porn

sigh....How about you now?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

everything and nothing in particular...

What a week this has has been a week of examinations and lost temper. Firstly he lost his text book and we had to make do with his notes. Add some friction by a few boys in the complex. My aching head!!

by the way, wish me luck...its maths tomorrow and my mind's whirling with fractions and simple interest... and the boy is so thrilled that he has worked on 30 pages of sums that he is actually taking the notebook to school to show off!!! Be still, heart...he's going to do well!!!

There are two new posts at my other blog...ColorS of my response to writer's island and sunday scribblings...
Writer's island had a beautiful prompt this week - awakening..and the wonderful mother that i am, this was perfect to talk about the awakening of my maternal instincts. But considering that i'm feeling anything but maternal right now, I chose to write a flash fiction -ONE FINE DAY.

This time sunday scribblings came with a "smorgasbord" of ideas. Try as i might, i'm just not able to decide on THE pompt, from the 101 (yes, 101). I'm equally worse at a buffet...

so this is my two cents on masks... (click on masks if you want to read more...)

Monday, March 10, 2008

sick and tired no more!

What do you mean you are sick and cannot go to school! You have to go to school!! I have loads of housework, 'work' work and miscellaneous work to do! You didn't seem sick yesterday when u went to your friend's birthday party?

Did you have to get sick today?

Are you sure u are not well???? take crocin and lie for a while....Maybe you will feel better in a while?

What? it's worse...couldn't you fall sick last week...i was free then, besides your brother was ill then too!!! what do you mean, tell that to the virus????

Sigh!!! make space there beside you...i think i too am sick...

After a hectic week of illness, annual day, exams, frayed tempers, a hyphochondriac son, and visiting family (when the kids really know how to turn visitors to their advantage) patience was understandably stretched to its non-existent limit.

and then Aarthi asked me to hop over to her blog...

and my...there WAS a bonanza waiting for me...!!!

Thank you, Aarthi for the awards. I've nailed them to my blog tight.

And now I am grinning like a Singapore cat...:D


Sunday, March 2, 2008

mutterings to myself!

See what I discovered! Unconscious mutterings... This brought to mind a game i used to play with my kids/friends.

The rules...
Each week ten words are posted, to which you can respond to with the first thing that comes to mind.

This was too good to resist...

My responses to this week's words:

1. Chemical :: hair color
2. Poker :: face
3. Federal :: Offence
4. Mattress :: Sleep
5. Who am I? :: Exactly
6. Investigation :: who peed on the floor in my bathroom?
7. In good hands :: not me
8. 8:30 :: Peace at last!!(that's when the tornadoes have left home)
9. Creditors :: House Loan
10. Resource :: My time (it's always running out)

Now, why don't you give it a try...on my comment space or your own...either way i would love to read...Happy muttering!!

My time -machine!

The prompt at Sunday Scribblers was time machine. The movies and books have always been my time machines. One brings the past alive visually while the other flies you there with just words. If you've succeeeded in reaching the destined place and felt the characters' pain/joy, then the book has served its prupose.

Personally, what better time machine do i have, than the internet? I speak to my sister in Boston when it is day here and night there. I catch up with my family and friends back in India, where they are over two hours behind. I even have a crystal ball - my webcam!!In a day, I cross various time zones leaving virtual footprints in blogs of people in different countries.

Having said that , if ever a time machine is invented, i wouldn't use it. There is no point in going back to a past that has made me what i am. There is no future and no magic, if you can go forward in time and know what is going to happen. I would rather live in the present enhancing my limited knowledge, gathering my experiences and hopefully be a wizened time machine for my grandchildren (assuming , of course that they would want to know about 'the good 'ol days'!)