Sunday, March 2, 2008

mutterings to myself!

See what I discovered! Unconscious mutterings... This brought to mind a game i used to play with my kids/friends.

The rules...
Each week ten words are posted, to which you can respond to with the first thing that comes to mind.

This was too good to resist...

My responses to this week's words:

1. Chemical :: hair color
2. Poker :: face
3. Federal :: Offence
4. Mattress :: Sleep
5. Who am I? :: Exactly
6. Investigation :: who peed on the floor in my bathroom?
7. In good hands :: not me
8. 8:30 :: Peace at last!!(that's when the tornadoes have left home)
9. Creditors :: House Loan
10. Resource :: My time (it's always running out)

Now, why don't you give it a try...on my comment space or your own...either way i would love to read...Happy muttering!!


Iwi Jacinto said...

first time to see a different answer in #1 :)

--xh-- said...

1. Chemical :: Conical flask
2. Poker :: Spam
3. Federal :: Bank
4. Mattress :: GodFather
5. Who am I? :: aNoop
6. Investigation :: whatz spohia doing?
7. In good hands :: Baby in mother's hands
8. 8:30 :: AM
9. Creditors :: alligators
10. Resource :: management

* sophia -> my friend.

Prats said...

You always come up with such cute stuff....and how much ever I say to myself, no blogging till end of I am reading through and wanting to answer too....

1. Chemical :: Lab experiments
2. Poker :: Cards
3. Federal :: Very American
4. Mattress :: Fluffy
5. Who am I? :: Do you know?
6. Investigation :: Momma's pastimes
7. In good hands :: New born baby
8. 8:30 :: Breakfast time
9. Creditors :: Loathful
10. Resource :: Information

suma said...

nice one , anoop...
why did mattress remind u of godfather tho?...and what was sophia doing?

thanks for playing

suma said...


had to give you some distraction...all work and no play will surely turn you into a monster :-P

nice 1 shows u r studying hard too!!!pt 6 shows we moms are all te same...

Guruprasad said...

did you find the offender who peed on the bathroom floor? :P

chemical - reaction
poker - strip
federal - law
mattress - fun
who am i? - ramana
investigation - five find-outers
in good hands - me
8.30 - fast local
creditors - debitors :P
resource - HR

Rambler said...

1. Chemical :: warefare
2. Poker :: Episode from friends
3. Federal :: taxes
4. Mattress :: lack of sleep
5. Who am I? :: Alien
6. Investigation :: whats wrong with my comp
7. In good hands :: great future
8. 8:30 :: atleast plan to start going home by this time
9. Creditors :: Might become one soon
10. Resource :: My mood

Gazal said...

thats really good

8:30 peace...completely agree with

Preethi said...

1. Chemical :: Carbon Monoxide (Greenhouse effect:P)
2. Poker :: boring
3. Federal :: Prison
4. Mattress :: When can I hit it?
5. Who am I? :: finding out
6. Investigation :: The Super Sleuths are on the case (Nantu keeps talking of this from an episode of Tigger and Pooh)
7. In good hands :: My husband
8. 8:30 :: Crazy time
9. Creditors :: Kadan karan(tamil for the word.. used in every movie as the folks who will bang at your door at odd times to get back the money :P)
10. Resource :: Computer!! :P

This was good fun .. thanks :)

rebecca said...

Chemical: Drugs
Poker: Face
Federal: Penitentiary
Mattress: Sleep
Who am I? Darn if I know!
Investigation: Oh-oh!
Good Hands: Allstate
8:30: Off to work!
Creditors: Oh, well, we all have to make a living...
Resource: Internet

I enjoyed this....Thanks!!! Now, what the heck do my answers mean?! Darn, if I know.....

Keshi said...

Chemical: Serotonin

cos Im losing it at the moment LOL!


Joy said...

Chemical: cleaning the house!
Poker: Las Vegas
Federal: Govt. Election results
Mattress: Sleepys
Who am I?: Wish I knew
Investigation: Sherlock Holmes
Good Hands: When I was a kid
8:30: AM when I drop my kid. This is much better that 7:00 am when I used to drop her before.
Creditors: H will take care.
Resource: My friends

rayshma said...

1. Chemical :: lab
2. Poker :: cards
3. Federal :: bureau
4. Mattress :: bedsheet
5. Who am I? :: me.
6. Investigation :: crime scene
7. In good hands :: secure
8. 8:30 :: good morning!
9. Creditors :: credit card *i have no idea why!*
10. Resource :: human *HR?*

Anonymous said...

goody goody... i shall play :)

1. Chemical :: romance (my chemical romance is a a band)
2. Poker :: cards
3. Federal :: money (the us central bank is called fed)
4. Mattress :: Sleep
5. Who am I? :: movie! (jackie chan :D)
6. Investigation :: crime!
7. In good hands :: my mom :)
8. 8:30 :: sleep
9. Creditors :: loan
10. Resource :: crunch

i liked this very much. thank u :)

Thinking aloud said...

@ dailyrium...
my pleasure :D

u're mom in good hands???? i bet!!

@ rayshma...
u wake up at 8.30? lucky u!! :(

@ joy...
Sherlock of my fav investigators...

@ keshi...
hey..keshi..what's happened, girl?

Thinking aloud said...

@ rebecca..
heh..heh...neither do i...

@ preethi..
nantu is in good hands too...:)so what are the super sleuths up to now? and Co2 was a very relevant answer...

@ gazal...

@ guru..
sure i did!! my younger son happens to think i have magical if only they kno wteh meaning of 'spotless' vs spot..less

@ rambler...
alien? :)

Ziah said...

Whatte Fun:)Here's my try:

chemical - weapon
poker - straight!
federal - state
mattress - ah! sleep!
who am i? - identity crisis
investigation - path lab:(
in good hands - if the hands are not mine!!:)
8.30 - churchgate fast local
creditors - people who dont give loans to lawyers!!!
resource - internet!!

Aarthi said...

Hey this looks cool...will try that

1. Chemical :: Salt Analysis
2. Poker :: Casino
3. Federal :: _______
4. Mattress :: Lifestlye
5. Who am I? :: Rajnikanth..:)
6. Investigation ::Hair in my room
7. In good hands :: ???? Impossible
8. 8:30 :: Should reach home before this.
9. Creditors :: Myself
10. Resource :: My Parents.

Hey have few surprise for you. Pls take it..:)

rayshma said...

LOL! yeps... V leaves by 9ish... so 8.30 is when i drag myself out of bed... and fix him b'fast and shoo him out! :D
then i blog! :D
i liked doing this... :)

Ps said...

Nice one--esp when one doesnot want to write a long post, yet one wants to update.Enjoyed reading yours.
Shall post mine soon.

Gracie said...

What great answers - and what fun friends you have! I'm still laughing at Sofia's response to mattress: The Godfather I'm also very pleased to see I wasn't the only one who thought of My Chemical Romance (I think Dailyrium & I were the only two who responded that way). But most of all, I really really like your answers to Who Am I? and investigation. What an interesting subconscious you have!

Keshi said...

hehe dun worry..was just joking :)

btw I need ur input inmy today's post. tnxx hun!


Madhumita. said...

Good one - and 8.30 peace at last is my favorite. Btw, who did pee on the bathroom floor?? :-D

Ps said...

Decided to leave mine here instead of a post on my blog.
Here it is:
1. Chemical :: IIT-D
2. Poker :: Money!
3. Federal :: Crime
4. Mattress :: Kurl-on (Damn those ads!)
5. Who am I? :: Just a mother of two!!
6. Investigation ::Agency
7. In good hands :: My kids
8. 8:30 :: School bus--Hurry!!!
9. Creditors :: My teacher who taught accountancy in class 11!!
10. Resource :: Me!

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Good game..Let me try,

1. Chemical :: Daily vegetables
2. Poker :: father advice"Don't play cards"
3. Federal :: FBI girls on movies
4. Mattress :: Mistress
5. Who am I? :: Rajni Kanth's speech
6. Investigation :: Buying vegetable from mandi
7. In good hands :: Right hand
8. 8:30 :: Sleep
9. Creditors :: No more accounts class
10. Resource :: My profession