Tuesday, September 25, 2007

From the mouth of ....

Every now and then, its time to take a step back and observe, 'cos there could be something u missed on the way...Just the other day, my 4-yr old declared sagely,'I know how babies are born'. Engrossed in sundry chores( seems endless...) I nod absent-mindedly...

He's not happy with the effect... He repeats"I know how babies grow but I have a doubt"I pause, look at him and say"And That is?" Happy to have gotten my attention, he says "But how are they made?" I draw him close and say"Well, babies are in their momma's stomach till they grow and become strong enough...""Amma"says the 4-yr old wisely, "this I know, when they get strong enough, they decide to come out...But what I want to know is, where did the bones which make me come from? How did I get put in your stomach?"

Well! Well! Well, the young fella does start early, doesn't he? This from the 4 yr old while the elder boy has learnt to nonchalantly declare, "Amma,there's snogging in the harry potter book.." Snogging...what's that???

To get back to the very serious talk with my young boy, I just couldn't talk to him cos, just then, the doorbell rings and in waltz his friends. Whoosh, the very important discussion is forgotten because in case u didn't know it, friends are the most important things in his life right now...

But I've decided to make use of this little reprieve and be ready when he approaches me the next time...

Suggestions anyone??

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ahhh, reason to smile?

Singapore Calling!!

It's finally done... after weeks of running around, looking at endless houses and getting the kids admissions finalised, we've finally moved into a condo ... But then, why do i miss something? the boys have settled down, the better half has never looked better....How do guys do it? Walk into a toatally new environment without batting an eyelid!!! Why do i miss delhi so?;(?

Funny how u need to be displaced from something to realise its value. After a week of looking like a lost soul, i've pulled myself together. The final straw was when i almost tapped an Indian on the street in my excitement. It's not really missing Delhi that's getting to me. Its the new place, new people, the effort of accepting a new place as home. I say i like change and when change does arrive, I want my old life back... A life full of contradictions...But this is the whole part of the learning process... I've now discovered a whole new community, thanks to the net and am quite inspired by the few i've inteacted with. Besides, I've discovered new haunts here and the library is currently my favorite place to be!!!

Welcome to Singapore, Suma!!!