Monday, November 16, 2009

baby talk!

I walk my second boy to school. It is a 10 min walk and I initially welcomed it for the compulsory exercise. I now look forward to it everyday. It is quite unhurried and relaxing. We talk, we look at birds and lazy cats, we sing songs and we argue. We also discuss serious issues like whether God is being burned to a crisp sitting there above the clouds near the sun!

Everyday we say hello to quite a few babies and dogs, both being walked around by their maids.

Just as i finish smiling and cooing at a very responsive baby, my observant son asks me " you like babies?"

Without thinking, i answer:: 'oh yes!'

Then i realise what i have got myself into and brace myself for the next inevitable question. My quick mind has already started framing a suitable response as to why we cannot have a sibling for him,

and the boy says::

"Don't tell me that YOU want ME to turn BACK into a baby?"


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Questions, questions!

"It's been such a long time?'

"Where have you been? "

"How have you been?"

"Haven't seen you around for a while?"

Feels good to hear that, doesn't it?

To know that you've been missed in the 9 days that you were not here!

I never knew the supermarket people missed me so much!