Monday, November 16, 2009

baby talk!

I walk my second boy to school. It is a 10 min walk and I initially welcomed it for the compulsory exercise. I now look forward to it everyday. It is quite unhurried and relaxing. We talk, we look at birds and lazy cats, we sing songs and we argue. We also discuss serious issues like whether God is being burned to a crisp sitting there above the clouds near the sun!

Everyday we say hello to quite a few babies and dogs, both being walked around by their maids.

Just as i finish smiling and cooing at a very responsive baby, my observant son asks me " you like babies?"

Without thinking, i answer:: 'oh yes!'

Then i realise what i have got myself into and brace myself for the next inevitable question. My quick mind has already started framing a suitable response as to why we cannot have a sibling for him,

and the boy says::

"Don't tell me that YOU want ME to turn BACK into a baby?"



Preeti Shenoy said...

:D heh heh heh heh heh..Of course you do :) Mine hound me endlessly to have another baby --they are quite direct about it :) and they even volunteeer to change diapers! :)

These walks are really lovely right? I also really like walking my daughter back. Son now is in high school and goes on his own.

Anonymous said...

Aww! :)
So sweet! :)
And I like your blog's title and header... :) Found you through swaram

Kavi said...

'oh' !! Indeed ! :)

It is lovely to hear you spend the time with him ! I am sure these are the stories and these are the times that will make him 'him' !

many congratulations.

Doli said...

heheh so cute! :) i would never have expected such a reply

Rush said...

he seems like the matured dad and u the little daughter!!

Shruti said...

haha! his mind always works hatke :P

Rambler said...

i don't know about him, the 'mom' has surely started thinking ;)

G said...

Haha! The little one caught you unawares, didnt he? :)

Cute! :)

Meira said...

hahahaha. Quite concerned, wasn't he. Now that he's putting all efforts into growing up :P

WhatsInAName said...

lol. He is quite straight forward and doesn't really beat around the busH. So now you can just banish the thought of converting him back to a baby lol!
The doubts these kids have !

Pavi!!!! said...

Hehehehe! So cute u are! N U already did give him a sibling no? :)

N the norning walk routine sounds awesome! Very nice!

Ganga Dhanesh said...

Aren't these walks lovely? Usually my walks are more like group excursions, but these days I have started taking each kid out separately and the kind of stuff they share then is awesome :) And of course, don't kids say the most darnedest things of all?!!!!

Anonymous said...

The weather is very walkable these days innit :) Enjoy it while it lasts !

And I think more than him, you've started getting 'ideas'

brocasarea said...

quite a twist!!:D

Just Like That said...

LOL LOL Your posts never fail to make me LAUGH! I think your family is a TREASURE! :-D

Neera said...

haha ha ... kahaani mein ajab twist ..bahut mazedaar :)

Aparna said...

That will teach us never to take their 'baby talk' for granted!
A friend gave birth some time back and the older child asked her, didnt the hospital have 'ek ke saath doosra free offer' at the hospital?

Sumana said...

That is so cute, wish that could have happened when we wanted to. On a parallel note, my daughter thinks she can trade her 2.5 year old brother with my neighbour's 9 month old. Since me and her both play with the baby quite often, what do you say to this, i was shocked, the way they think.

m.flowerr said...

hehehe........that's so cute and so very innocent:)

JyotiAjay said...

enjoyed the post.
sent u a orkut friend request.

Naveen said...

kids do come up with such innocent talk ..... can light up any tense situation ....:)

Preethi said...

hahaha... he has a great sense of humor this dude!! I loved this one too "God is being burned to a crisp sitting there above the clouds near the sun"

Reflections said...

LOL.....'oh' happened because u were thinking like a girl;-D

WhatsInAName said...

Time for next post!

Suma said...

Preeti: the walks are fabulous...i really do enjoy them

Niveditha: can i call you just that? thank you and yes, he is a sweet fella

Kavi:: yes indeed, and i do it more for myself

he speaks whatever comes to his mind and i enjoy that

haha..that is one way of looking at it

yes, true!

thinking about what? :) :)

yes, he did

haha...and we all know how much of hard work that must have been :p

what doubts indeed!

Pavi:: the walks are something i look forwad to every morning!

Ganga dhanesh:: even i do that sometimes, give each child an exclusive time..its fun and they feel good too...

Rakesh:: The weather is wonderful nowand perfect for walking...


your sonny boy reminds me of him :)

hain nah? its been a long time since you posted

hahaha...that was so cute

she must be finding teh baby so much easier to handle than the brother

mflowerr, naveen:: :)

Jyoti:: thanks, and orkut is banned here

he is turning out to be a smart alec, too

sigh, yes iw as

Jo hukum :D