Monday, April 11, 2011

What's up?

What's up? the sky of course...

Poor joke, i know...but then if I've been hearing jokes of this calibre (courtesy my 8yrold and his friends) for the past few months, who says i can't inflict the same on you all? There is also a potentially hurtful one he's learnt...there are these letters written all over his body and you read it to one by one, and then WHAM! you get a slap...why? because the letters read HIT ME!!! Yeah, there's a flaw in that one, but try explaining it to an 8yrold!

So getting back to what's up? I've made the big move back to India. We had an anxious month waiting for school admissions to be finalized. It is always tough moving house, more so as the children grow up. This time it was more difficult because the kids had settled in well, but then the reasons why we moved? That's another post, another day!

A lot has happened in the last few months. I played Holi and convinced myself that i liked it. We won the World Cup and it was worth getting back to India just to savor the win on home ground. The apartment complex had put up a special screening for the semi finals and finals and we screamed ourselves hoarse, egging Dhoni and his men on...

In other news, my pint sized censor board is convinced i wear his tee shirts...somebody please tell him i couldn't fit into it even if i hold my breath and suck my stomach all the way in. He's having a better social life than I do. The phone calls are for him, the doorbell rings for him! I've resignedly donned on my secretary's hat in addition to the other hats I've collected so far.

And I'm seriously considering disconnecting my doorbell, it seems to be the most used, from 8 in the morning to 7 in the night!

That's around 10% of the news on hand...This post was long overdue and thanks to the few who keep enquiring. I seem to have got a severe case of 'the empty thought' syndrome, but I'm working on it.

Let me answer that doorbell while you guys be nice to me :)