Sunday, January 17, 2010

No, really, Look who's back :)

The Dubai Sentimental Times reports:

"Last night saw a very happy reunion between an otherwise sane looking woman and her ...erm...suitcase. The lost bag finally made its way back to the owner after ten days of gallivanting among strange baggage. "

It is great when something unexpected happens. It's absolutely fantastic when it happens after my shopping's done. Now that's what i call a good bag!

Aaall izz definitely well!

:) :) :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Look who's back!

Phew! Back finally after three road trips, six cities, in 18 days. All i remember of the trip is unzipping and zipping up my bags. And a whole lot of phone calls. And ofcourse the last end of the trip where both kids decided to have a vomiting session in the middle of the night!

Relatives, temples, sarees and touching various feet of different sizes, i think i've done my whole year's quota in these two weeks.

Since there were two family fuinctions, we met hordes of relatives. The surprised way in which most greeted us, made me feel like a lost and found item. The most discussed topic must have been our weight. They looked at the kids and hubby in horror and looked at me accusingly. 'Why are they so thin?"

Finally the sarcastic me kicked the polite me and i replied 'oh, i'm too busy stuffing myself!'
He went away satisfied with the answer! Hello? come back, i was just joking!

I couldn't meet a few friends who i really wanted to, but managed to speak to a few even with the crappy coverage that Bangalore offers. I managed to meet a Delhi friend in Udupi, a college friend in Bombay (we literally jumped around like giddy children) and WIAN and I almost, almost met. We've decided that such a momentous moment must be reserved for another time :)

So now it's back to Dubai and exams and cleaning and a bit of ofcourse to liven things up, one of my luggage decided to play truant.

I'm still waiting for it...and everyday i realise that most items which i use everyday was in that bag. The guy at the baggage counter asked me to fill an inventory list stating the baggage's contents and its value. What value can i place on that pair of earrings which my sister had got specially for me, or that hair brush which i've been using for ages? or the food items which an uncle went all across town to get for me?

On the bright side, i need some retail therapy, and the weather in dubai is perfect.

So what's been up with you?