Sunday, January 17, 2010

No, really, Look who's back :)

The Dubai Sentimental Times reports:

"Last night saw a very happy reunion between an otherwise sane looking woman and her ...erm...suitcase. The lost bag finally made its way back to the owner after ten days of gallivanting among strange baggage. "

It is great when something unexpected happens. It's absolutely fantastic when it happens after my shopping's done. Now that's what i call a good bag!

Aaall izz definitely well!

:) :) :)


mindspace said...

ha ha ha.. so now you have ample of stuff :) in those categories..
all is well that ends well.. great news Suma..

rayshma said...

you've trained the bag well, i must say... :)
happy reunion...!

Pavi!!!! said...

Ahaha! Happy for u gurl :) now u be good for the next couple-a days !

Ugich Konitari said...

You need to thank your stars/ planets etc. They simply had to be outstanding. Ten days of random travel and you get everything back as is.

Returning from a trip to Switzerland via Cairo and Delhi, a few years ago, my husband got his bag one day late, ripped, and all the nice chocolates (which he had got for the children), simply stolen.

G said...

Kya baat hai! Lucky you. All things intact is really unbelievable.

Smita said...

hehehe It absolutely brings happiness and as u said more so because the shopping is already done ;-)

Reflections said...

LOL I was thinking "So all iz well" & next I see the same sentence there;-D

Sumana said...

Haan can see the excitement in your post. LOL and glad you it back, erm after al the shopping. I thought it always happens with me and so nice to have company.

Mama - Mia said...

some peoples have all the lucks i tells you!! :p

Meira said...

Merci! The bag does love you

Preeti Shenoy said...

Did you forgive the wanderer? Did it at least get ticked off properly for leaving you for a while or was the relief too overwhelming? ;-)

Either way--really happy it made its way back!


WhatsInAName said...

Wow a great news indeed. Nothing to beat the happiness on getting a lost item back.
My brother once had similar experience but alas, all the goodies he had got from US were stolen, the bag was torn and opened.

rm said...

welcome back...oh that was so nice of the bag.. :-)

Jyoti Ajay said...

gud ,all is wel

Kavi said...

A shopping bag reunited with the shopper..!

ALL indeed is WELL !

Just Like That said...

aal izzz certainly welll :-D

Joy said...

Nice bag... :)

pink dogwood said...

I must subscribe to Dubai Sentimental Times :)

Glad to hear all is well :)

Sorcerer said...

haha..nice one..nice one!

Neera said...

he he he ..good bag! Great to have u back :)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

faithful bag & not a baggage I guess!!

Sairekha said...

yay!!! :) Were my chocolates in there? The ones I forgot to peek up? :)

Reflections said...

We are still celebrating the return of the missing bag, I see;-P

Suma said...

tara:: it was really nice to see that bag finally at home

rayshma:: i'm a good trainer, what say?

pavi:: hehe..i will

Ugich:: that's what many have been telling guess is that the bag never left mumbai itself

G:: you bet..

Smita:: Kya timing tha...we got te call when we had finished shopping

reflections:: ____minds think alike..fill in at your own risk :)

Sumana, Mama mia, Meira: :))

Preeti:: i forgave it promptly, esp since it came back after teh shopping!

WIAN::: oh that's sad...i'm quite lucky then

jyoti, kavi, JLT, rm, Joy:: :)...lucky ain't i?

pink doqwood:: please do..i'm the lone contributor :D

Sorcerer, Neera: all is def well

CU:: it took a lost bag to get you back commenting :p

Sai:: i'm soooo not talking to you! :p