Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This and that...

It seems like ages since I wrote here! Even though I did peek a bit every two days to read the comments.

Thank you all for the warm wishes/ecards sent on my birthday. This particular birthday was quite special because my parents , grandmom, uncle and aunt were around. It was extremely touching to see them try to surprise me with gifts and food.

(For those who missed wishing me, don't you worry...I celebrate my birthday the whole of February :)...just saying!)

The past 15 days have been very hectic but satisfying. My parents, my grandmother came a-visiting and were joined by my aunt and uncle (my mom's sister) for the last week of their stay It was fun having them around and now I miss the daily chitchat and hustle bustle in the kitchen. Everyday I would want them to sit down and chat while they would insist on evicting me from the kitchen. And so it happened that we would get out of the house by 10.30 every morning, be back just in time to pick my 7 yrold from school and then head out again in the evening after my 12 yrold returned from his school. We've gone to beaches, parks, malls, the tallest building, and a whole lot of restaurants!

This was the first time my grandmom was visiting me and there were times when i could not believe that she was actually here, with me. Ever since my grandfather passed away, 15 months ago, she's been a shadow of her old self. This trip did her a lot of good, she smiled more and she enjoyed herself, even though she missed having grandpa around.

And of course the school also thought it was a perfect time to schedule projects. The 12 yrold had to make a waterfilter. It had to be natural, it had to be different and it had to work. My son had a 'Eureka' moment in the bathtub, and rushed out, (thankfully fully clothed) to tell me his brilliant idea. Ofcourse i did what i was good at...i outsourced the project to my father. Grandfather and grandson bonded over a water filter which actually did work.

The 7 yrold had to learn about puppets. I suggested he take me along as an example, since that's what i do everyday...dance to their tunes! He was not amused and we made a pair of sock puppets instead.

Currently, we are supposed to demonstrate how lungs work using balloons, straws and a bottle. I casually told my son that the reasons my lungs worked well everyday, was solely due to them and due to the deep breaths taken and the shouting which goes on. Maybe I should go to school to demonstrate? He too was not amused!

So you take care while I brush up on my science and also try and decrease the obscene number that my google reader is currently showing.