Saturday, December 19, 2009

it's time to lug those suitcases around!

Its been an exciting week, getting ready for our upcoming trip to India. 18 days of vacation in 4, possibly 5 cities and two road trips! I'm getting the laundry done, the fridge emptied and the house clean, even if it's going to be kept locked up for two weeks. All the drama of last-minute cleaning just to experience that pleasure of walking into a neat home when we return!

I'm quite eager to chat up quite a few people when i'm in India...have to keep up with this image me as a chatterbox.

Right now, at home, everyone's tripping over half filled suitcases, muttering 'words which better not be heard' and not one has the sense to keep it to one side..that's living with boys for you!

and the way the hubby's going on removing clothes which i pack, i may end up travelling with just one pair of jeans and a tee shirt.

The hubby's always 'tsk...tsking' on how disorganised he thinks i am! I pack as if i'm travelling to Antarctica (Bangalore comes pretty close to it), i think he packs as if he lives on the beach...

as far as habits go, he and i are quite different!

When i work on my laptop, I generally have my Gmail, facebook, Yahoo, Skype and Word open in various windows. Not that everyone is dying to see me online or that I'm going to miss some very important mail, but then it's a habit. Whenever my son or hubby use my computer they promptly close down a few windows.

I hate it...

The other day, I sat at my computer after the hubby had used it and noticed that there was only Google open.

Muttering under my breath, I yelled " Why do you close my Windows? You know i don't like it"...

He yells back.."because i don't like it open...!!!!!"

My eyes widened and i was thinking of a retort suitably dripping with appropriate sarcasm, when i hear him continue" ...and then all the lizards and insects get in'


He was talking about the bedroom windows, which i faithfully open every morning and he equally diligently closes after me!

Reminded me of this post i had written long time back!

See you guys soon and have a jolly good year, while i go open those windows and add more stuff into the suitcases! This trip is sure going to be fun!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

off to get an education

For some reason, the days here are just whizzing past.

  • There was a long, long Eid + national UAE break, where we saw a bit of Dubai, more specifically the green parks...What a sight for sore eyes.
  • Finally school started and with it some semblance of a routine, especially in the bedtime! I didn't do a jig but came pretty close to it.
  • The kids are having a great time at school. The 12 yrold had a rock concert at school! The younger one had a wild time at the Jumeirah beach park, eating icecream by the beach. Sigh...I wish i was invited to go too.

  • I had my own fun too, got caught in a sandstorm, and ended up like sandpaper - quite a 'grit'ty experience too. The next day saw me rewash the laundry (i had forgotten to bring them in) and vacuum my balcony and the chairs. And then my sister in Boston tells me that they had a snowstorm! That's competition for you.
  • A friend delivered her baby and it was a beautiful feeling to watch her five day old baby. I had forgotten that they were so tiny and fragile, and so magical.

Between all this we get to do some homework. One evening saw us tackling our opposites.

All was fine till we came to educated.

and I mused aloud: "hmmm...opposite of educated is uneducated, illiterate,...and..'

Him: 'what's uneducated?'

Me: "when you go to school, you learn new stuff and are getting educated...and the uneducated will be ...'

and he interrupts " someone like you, 'cos you don't go to school?"

Hey bhagwan, one image makeover please!!!!