Monday, August 18, 2008

Some rain, six windows and a thought

It rained and how!!! Here in Singapore, we live on the 12th floor and every time it rains, we have to close the windows so that the water does not get in. So one dark evening it rained, and I heard G say, Close windows...i was working on my laptop, I blinked, I frowned and I wondered why I should shut down my windows (my windows vista)...before the dim bulb brightened. I walked to the actual window and latched it shut… (sheesh!!!)

And of course, that was enough to get me thinking...:D

So now we live in a world where windows are what you use on the computer. Closing windows has never been this easy. Icons are no longer Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther king but those cute little miniatures on your desk top. How uninspiring!

The mouse is lamenting its loss of identity from the cute Tom tormentor to the slick one crawling on the desk. Bugs and viruses ail your computer too and the therapy is not a good drowning of smelly spray but some heavy dose of code. The worm has also made its appearance, where true to its nature, it slithers its way through the firewalls and security systems, creating havoc.

It's time not to bat an eyelid when your ten yr-old wants to burn his CD himself but ask him to do one for you too. (The shocked look on his 5 yr-old brother was priceless!!). My son is amazed that I grew up in a world without computers and mobiles. A world without Neopets and FIFA 2008 - IMPOSSIBLE!! (those are his favorite games)!! Meanwhile, someone please do explain to me why anyone would want to play a soccer game on the computer?

Friends were first segregated into best friends and friends. Next came the popular sitcom "FRIENDS" about the lives of 6, err...friends. Finally, we have 'frenship', which is highly endorsed by the social networking sites. This sure is an instant age - instant food, instant messages, instant pals...If someone were to be introduced as a friend, it’s only natural to ask "Blog friend, virtual friend, orkut friend, or ? friend? Never did I think the day would arrive when there would be so many definitions of a friend...though i must add here, i have met quite a few good people online and we've hit it off instantaneously...lucky me!!!

Web cams and Instant messengers have just brought the world into your home. Grandparents can catch a first smile, the first step, a milestone being conquered without moving a step. Bonds are tightened and the distance shortened with a click. Being in touch has never been this simple. If only we could feel as well!

In retrospect, good thing too, otherwise people would stop stepping out of their homes…:(

Ironic too, that what was invented to give us more mobility, security and time is proving to be just the opposite. The miles have been shortened but has it actually managed to bridge the distance between people? There are times when you have to message the person sitting next to you at work!!!

The web is wide indeed! No corner is inaccessible, it's just a click away...Just make sure you do not get entangled in it, and do scare away those lurking spiders who reside, disguised as internet trolls and worse.

And yes, don't be surprised when you are old, and your grandchildren look at you and say "Oh my mouse!" (That’s the future equivalent of Oh my god! since that’s how the future may soon view their God.. :P)

Hail, the mighty mouse!! might as well get used to it, I see an obsequious attitude to this slick creature in my house..

(Psst...about the disoriented baring of the thought, that's what happens when you sweep away cobwebs in the mind..., besides, i'm too busy wasting time shutting and opening windows to pay particular attention)