Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Questions, questions!

"It's been such a long time?'

"Where have you been? "

"How have you been?"

"Haven't seen you around for a while?"

Feels good to hear that, doesn't it?

To know that you've been missed in the 9 days that you were not here!

I never knew the supermarket people missed me so much!


Meira said...

I missed you too.

Just Like That said...

hahaha your boys must be one happy lot, with you visiting the super market so often..:-D

Smita said...

lol!!! It happens to me also. The CCD guys & the book store guys miss me if am out for some days :)

Mama - Mia said...


you must be a total sunshine then! :)


rayshma said...

i also missed you!
do they miss you coz you're so sweet or do they miss you coz u're good entertainment?! no prizes for guessing which category i fall under! :D

Anonymous said...

The supermarket!
I thought you were talking about your readers. :)

Come back and post more

Pavi!!!! said...

Look how soon u've made urself famous in the new city Suma! kudos to you! they already miss you!

Joy said...

Looks like you have already spread your magic!!

CM-Chap said...

Ha Ha.. you have such a BIG BIG BIG presence :)

Rush said...

i was guessing bloggers...but damn, u must be really special!!

Preeti Shenoy said...

Wow! :-)
Any nice looking guy9s0? :P :D


Preethi said...

lol @ Rayshma!! I have missed everyone on blogger .. have been away for so long this time :) Now I am back.. write write write.. I am all set to read more about how Dubai is treating ya?!

JyotiAjay said...

Enjoyed the post.

Swaram said...

Ha ha .. I thot it must be the blog readers ;)

Suma said...

now that's what i want to hear :)

i'm so lucky to be living so close to the supremarket..i'm always forgetting stuff

that i can very well relate to

hahaha...dubai sure does not need more sunshine!

you've been pretty silent too!
and i'm good entertainment, evertwhere i go..i just tried to walk through a glass door!

i've been pretty lazy haven't I?!

atleast somebody missed me, nah?

more like my money!

haha...i guess my daily visits for bread and stuff paid off


Sadly no! :(

long long time no see! and i must check out what you've been writing too

Jyoti ajay::

the bloggers/blog readers Better miss me! :)