Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh no!

I'm a bit forgetful.

I remember people's faces but not the name attached to the face. There are few who take extreme delight in calling me, and continuing the conversation animatedly, without introducing themselves, while i'm pressing 'ctrl Find' in my brain to figure out who they could be - meena?, teena? ya madhu!

There have been occasions when i've talked to someone for quite sometime, totally convinced that he/she was someone else!

I forget people's names, especially if i've just met them. There is this parent at my son's school who i very sweetly smile at and talk inane stuff. Yesterday, she asked me for my phone number, just in case she gets late to school, so that i could reassure her son.

Me: My no's __________. and the name is Suma.

She: Of course, i know your name. Besides, I never forget a name .

I think furiously, my name filing system in my head has gone haywire and so I flash my pearly whites at her, hoping she forgets to give me her number.

She: and this ***** is my number

Me: okay, and how do i spell your name? (smart, am I not?)

She looks at me and says slowly: "A.N.U"


i feebly say: "not a.n.o.o?"

She laughingly replies: "You forgot my name, didn't you?"


The first one to say that i deserved this

is so ....right!


Pavi!!!! said...

Haha! how does one spell anu..hahah! poor you! n no u didnt deserve thsi :)

mindspace said...

aww suma, even i am bad with names.. its so embarrassing at times :P

Prats said...

I went through the same misrable situation is such a horrid thing....

I used to be so good with names, maybe its this kids thing...tend to misplace memory too

Rambler said...

I generally end up being too friendly with the person whose name I forget, and then reach a stage where it would be too late to ask his/her name again :)

Sumana said...

I do the same and have been asked couple of times too. After which I have been heard directly asking for "Sorry did not get your name."Now my husband has been quizzing me on the same. He can just remember names, nick names and faces so well. LOL that was a nice read.

WhatsInAName said...

Hugs to you Suma :D
I am in the same rocking boat. But I was never so earlier. I was proud of mymemory once upon a time. Not anymore. And I have encountered similar situations rofl. So, I am sticking to " so sorry. I am such an idiot to not remember your name "
honesty might indeed be the best policy but then we would miss these Hehe
No, you didn't deserve it at all

G said...

Hehe! I have three contacts in my cellphone with names 'Bus Friend 1','Bus Friend 2' and 'Bus Friend 3'
And I know exactly which number is which face. :)

JyotiAjay said...

Even i m one among those who forget the names of people.Many time i got into trouble when people say dont you remember my name?.

Meira said...

Oh I have started shamelessly asking people to "tell me their names again because I have forgotten it." I add my sheepish grin, which I've mastered by now, and a "sorry" in my most genuine voice.
Too much of forgetting and wrong guesses has made me thus:D

rayshma said...

i hand my phone over and tell them to feed in info... :D

Kavi said...


So you begin...aknew ! hmm !

Joy said...

Masterpiece you asking "not a.n.o.o" Don't bother, most of us are in the same boat...:)

CM-Chap said...

Ha Ha... So you looked like fool :)

But Thanks for writing this..bcz "How do I spell your name?" is the exact phrase I use anytime when I forget someones name..So its a warning for me. So that I don't have to ask how to spell ANU and get a stare :) oh god u told her u thought its Anoo...

Mama - Mia said...


just your luck that the lady had such a simple name! hehe!


Mama - Mia said...

and errr... my name is Abha!

just in case! :p

Anonymous said...

he he.. ANOO??? but good try. And looking at all the responses above, I think, I'm the smartest one around :)

Btw, who'll forget a name like "SUMA" !

Preeti Shenoy said...

:) A trick is to associate something funny with the name as soon as they say it..But do it in your head please..For example Anu--you think of anu malik :P But as long as you dont address her as Bappi lahiri it will be ok :P


Reflections said...

"i feebly say: "not a.n.o.o?""

LOL, u really did;-o????

Jokes apart this is like the pot calling the kettle black. I'm so bad tht I forget wht the name was 5 mins after introduction.
From then I wd not be concentrating on the conversation & brking my head as to wht the name is;-(
But surprisingly I remember all the blognames very well;-P

Reflections said...

Huh what I wrote above sounds so familiar....didnt we talk abt this the last time we spoke;-o???

Suma said...

I should have just said that i couldn't remember. that's what i usually do :(

:) i sometimes get confused between your name and mindspace :)

i know, so embarrassing, nah?

that happens to me too, sometimes! when are you getting back to india?

smart gal!

i generally do that too, but i don't what happened this time! *WAIL!

G:: have some memory!

forgetting the name seems to be such a common problem


now that's a smart thing to do!

:)so i do!

hee..hee.. that was such a silly thing i did :)


haha...don;t worry, i don't think i 'll forget your name..i love ABBA, you see :)

wy are you the smartest one around?

good tip...that should work.

yes, we did, didn't we? but see, i know your name and remember it too :D

Tys on Ice said...

ah, then u will like me...i always introduce myself when i call anyone...even to my wife.., hey mads, this is tys...the truth is iam easily forgettable so the constant reinforcement is a gud the sedar curtain ads.

Just Like That said...


Madhumita said...

So my "distinct" voice doesn't work thnen? :)

Shall call you tomorrow.

m.flowerr said...

awesome post.......
and i liked the 'aiyo' aspect in it:)

you are a super,super writer!

m.flowerr said...

awesome post.......
and i liked the 'aiyo' aspect in it:)

you are a super,super writer!

Sorcerer said...

wow!! thats awesome writeup