Saturday, October 24, 2009

So who's been missing me?

"How is Dubai? How are you?" ask many when they spy me online.

The problem with moving to a new country is that whenever someone asks you how you are, you are so tempted to tell them "how you are". The downside is that it may take 15 minutes and then that poor gal may say erm..."i just remembered i gotta go!"

The good so far:

  • I like the place we've moved into.
  • The kids have their own group down and they play cricket/soccer every evening. The elder one is the star of the group, that's what he so modestly told me. We asked him about his friends, the ones who give him a high five after every goal, and he shrugged his shoulder (that shoulder of his is sometimes the most communicative part). He just knew their names, why would he want to know anything more?"
  • why indeed! uncomplicated and simple, that's my boy!
  • and the younger one has been given a nickname - Bob! Noone's telling me why.
  • The house is just five minutes away from the supermarket, 3 stops away from the nearest mall and a 10 minute walk from school. and it has quite a bit of greenery around. and birds!I like that a lot.
  • I found an art center nearby where they have all sorts of shortterm courses...I plan to join whatever's available.

Now the not-so-good.

  • I miss the easy accessibility of Singapore.
  • I try to take the bus when I can but i dislike the staring that happens when i'm at the busstop.
  • Every Saturday night, i think"oh great tomorrow's Sunday" and then it strikes me that Sunday in this place means a working day and then i go 'Oh GREAT!!!!! tomorrow's Sunday! sigh"
  • I had three families over for a pre-diwali gettogether and i cooked a huge spread, all the while wishing they were not acquaintances but people i really knew and liked! and to think they were close to nice people. Making new friends is not as easy as it once used to be.
  • I think with age, i'm getting to be the opposite of social.
  • And my blog! The less said the better. The wordsmith in me has suddenly taken temporary retirement. The only phrases which come to mind regularly are 'eat your food' don't scream' get up, go to sleep' wash your hands' and shhhhh!
  • I think i have the Dubai blues!


Prats said...

I dont want to even say " You'll settle down soon" I hate slippers flying onto my face :(.....

But its a really great beginning...the kids have friends, and this sure looks like a great sign...and!!! I like that too

mindspace said...

so its kind of balanced i would say :)
i share your feelings too.. I gained some and lost some so instead of cribbing and feeling sad, i decide to be happy with it.

and regarding finding the art center, once i am back from my loong break, will you tell me some details please :) you are already proving to be quite resourceful to me..

will mail you once I am back. take care and enjoy your plans too :)

Just Like That said...

Or is it the season for blues? me feeling quite blue and not up to anything too... :-( As per one of my clients, Nov/Dec are the most depresing months. and Nov my birthmonth!

Just Like That said...
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Just Like That said...

but hey, YOU cheer up! and keep bobbing up in blogville- am sure netween all of us, we can do a spot of cheering you up :-)

Aparna said...

If you are feeling blue now, wait till the summer. It will get scorching hot and you will miss the balmy Singapore weather.
I hate to sound condescending, but things will get better. Trust me, I've stayed in the Gulf and it kind of grows on you.

Pavi!!!! said...

i cant help "awwwwww" ing at ur post.

i know wat ur saying abt new seems so much of a challenge to find the kinda friend u can be urself with..who is not too close and not too distant.

Glad the kids have warmed upto the place.

Wish u luck for settling in.

PS:yayeee!i'm moving..just downstairs...but yet am moving!! ;)

Suma said...

everything's set into a routine, but it's a long way to feeling settled...

and the birds..very friendly ones too..they have a kitty party some mornings on my balcony

its teh season i hits @ dussehra time and is intensified esp if you are living away from home :)

am cheered up now, thanks :)

i know, it was the same in singapore's just a case of the lows :)

aww..thank you...

and happy shifting, yay!!! so what if it is throw out the old junk and accumulate new junk :)

Anonymous said...

Time and only time.
You know the making new friends gets to me as well.

Having to tell the story of who you are and not knowing when you crack a joke whether people will take it the right way. It is very tedious. Sometimes I want to hide in my closet.

Mama - Mia said...

i wish it was as easy for us to make friends as it is for kids! sigh!

but hey! its you! and you will do fine too!

i think its amazing how much you have adapted already!



WhatsInAName said...

of course I have been missing you!
And you can count the blessings what with everything available at a stones throw. And don't you worry, with time and with your charm in tow, good friends are bound to come to you soon .
And am with you on the blog thing. my most uttered words are also same as yours. I am thinking of running to himalayas soon . ;)

Preeti Shenoy said...

Yeah even I have discovered that it is easy to make 'new friends' (acquaintances) in a new place but harder to let them into your heart.

Good thing is one always gets used to it.


rayshma said...

it really is difficult making 'friends', no? i don't know... i've always had that problem.. wonder how it'll be a few years from now! :(

i absolutely detested dubai. so all i can say is "all the very best!" make it 'home' soon! and yeah, i'll stop by when i come around to shop! :D

Meira said...

Oh but we can still stay at your place during the shopping festival, right?

Joy said...

See you are actually going places :) Enjoy your stay....

Suma said...

i know, it will take time..In gave me the right word..i find it very tedious, indeed!

thankooo, the funny part is i really don't want many friends...just someone where i can be myself and not just friendly.


please do take me with you wherever you run away?
thank you :D

That's JUST what i was saying! and it took me a whole post to say what you did in a sentence :)

it will take some time to like Dubai!

hahaha...fine, if it means that much to you :)

the next time, i would love to move to europe... :p

Rambler said...

after the good, and not so good..I was thinking we would have a bad and a very bad section too :)