Sunday, September 16, 2007

Singapore Calling!!

It's finally done... after weeks of running around, looking at endless houses and getting the kids admissions finalised, we've finally moved into a condo ... But then, why do i miss something? the boys have settled down, the better half has never looked better....How do guys do it? Walk into a toatally new environment without batting an eyelid!!! Why do i miss delhi so?;(?

Funny how u need to be displaced from something to realise its value. After a week of looking like a lost soul, i've pulled myself together. The final straw was when i almost tapped an Indian on the street in my excitement. It's not really missing Delhi that's getting to me. Its the new place, new people, the effort of accepting a new place as home. I say i like change and when change does arrive, I want my old life back... A life full of contradictions...But this is the whole part of the learning process... I've now discovered a whole new community, thanks to the net and am quite inspired by the few i've inteacted with. Besides, I've discovered new haunts here and the library is currently my favorite place to be!!!

Welcome to Singapore, Suma!!!


Preethy said...

Suma..thanks for dropping by!

If its any comfort, Singapore is like being home - few adjustments, life as it was...try a place like Tokyo...where everything is lost in translation and you rework all you have learnt!

happy blogging!

Thinking aloud said...

thanks a ton, preethy...and after reading your blog , i did figure that Singapore wasn't all that bad :))

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