Saturday, March 6, 2010

When the unimaginable happens!

I have a 12 yrold who has to be reminded that he is a part of this family and therefore needs to pitch in with chores, not add to them by dropping towels in dustbins and plates in toilet sinks, thankfully not toilet bowls! He is after all my boy, a master in the art of absentmindedness, something in which i excel in!

He does what he is told to do, the key word emphasised here is told.

So what do you do when the above mentioned 12 yrold breezes into your room, and asks:: "Can I vacuum my room?"

You try not to fall. You do not pinch yourself to see if you are sleeping. You do not look at him suspiciously, trying to figure out a hidden plot.

But you very calmly say, "Yes, you can,..." in just the right tone, else he realises his mistake.

After 10 minutes, the same 12 yrold says:: "There i've cleaned my room."

What do i do?

I empty my luck quota for the whole month, and milk the opportunity. I say, ' How about doing the whole house?"

He says yes!

and does it well too, even the balcony. Throws the trash too...

The result is:

I think it will snow here in Dubai.

I realise that he has used his study time (he has his final exams going on) for an unscheduled long break

I wish they have exams all year through :p

He is a sweetheart, because i do have a clean house


I'm still searching for my house slippers.

Happy weekend, folks :)


mindspace said...

ha ha.. happy wkend indeed :)

asha said...

A lucky mom who has her son's help.

BTW thanks for dropping by my blog.

Monika said...

lol :) have fun

Swaram said...

Ha ha ha .. hw I wish I hd this idea while I ws studying ;)
Hv a break and pls Mumma too :D

Compassion Unlimitted said...

absolutely cute..good luck for his exams...and the slippers did you finally find them in the vacuum

Kavi said...

Best wishes for his exam ! Indeed something to do !

The best thing to do is to put a smile on mamma's face


Sumana said...

LOL, He does have a brilliant idea and an equally clever momma.

Sumana said...

LOL, He does have a brilliant idea and an equally clever momma.

Preeti Shenoy said...

heheheheh :-)

I wish mine too had exams..Here in his school, they don't even seem to have heard of a concept like that :P

Preeti Shenoy said...

heheheheh :-)

I wish mine too had exams..Here in his school, they don't even seem to have heard of a concept like that :P

rayshma said...

can i borrow him?
please... pretty please? :)

Sucharita Sarkar said...

You say he's 12? OK the, three more years to go before my share of believe-it-or-not luck comes to me...

Neera said...

Really ...its these posts that keep up the hope of the light at the end of the tunnel ..I have a 5 year old who, if possible, would outsource his breathing too!

Delightful post and atta boy Senior S!

Reflections said...

Awwww he's sweeeet!!!! I used to garden ferociously during exams and once the exams got over, never turned & looked at the plants until the next exams;-D
Found ur house slippers yet;-D????

Mama - Mia said...

you are just being mean! your kids are damn sweet and smart!

you know what i did to watch TV during exams? feel hungry just at the time my fav prog came on and eat dinner really s l o w! ;)


Anil P said...

When clouds open a crack, sunshine filters through. Live the moment :-)

Joy said...

Smart kid... :)

Anonymous said...

he he... but I mean, there are easier ways.

I used to go to the thinking seat.

That would eat up a good 30 minutes spent nicely dreaming on the throne!

SUFFIX said...

Thats interesting.....:)

Suma said...

suffix: :)

Rakesh:: luckily, the bathroom is not his fav place :D

Joy:: :)

Anil:: well said, and that is what this blog is mostly about!

Abha::heheh...i use dto feel extremely thirsty during exams...anything for atrip to the kitchen

Reflections:: yes, i did, they were pushed under the bed, and were languishing in teh farthest corner :(

Neera:: hahaha...just make sure that light is not from an incoming train :)

Sucharita:: :) you need the right motivating factors, like exams!

rayshma:: yes you can, along with his mom!

Preeti:: i understand. my younger one goes to a brit school, and tehy have no exams too!

Sumana:: finally someone who gives me credit. i got the house cleaned didn't i?

Kavi :) that is always the key to happiness

CU:: no, luckily it was under the bed!

Swaram:: i'm sure you must have had your own way of getting out of studying!

Monika: :),

Asha:: yes, i'm lucky.

Mindspace:: yes, a lot of happy weekends after that :)

m.flowerr said...

How sweet!