Sunday, August 23, 2009

spreading sunshine

This is a story of a little boy with his sunny ways,

A little boy i know, six years young and full of life.

Has a smile on his lips and his feet on springs,

Sunshine is most certainly his other name

It was hot that day as it had been for so very long,

He was grumpy in the taxi, a tantrum brewing strong

His mood was black as the sun shone bright by his side.

He declared: "I hate the sun! why is it always on me?

It is too bright, it makes me hot and i cannot see!"

The mother 'who knows everything' said,

"You are our sunshine, I think the sun likes you,

though you can sit on my side if you wish to"

A minute later, a little hand waved out to the sun

'Ofcourse", he said, "that's why the sun always follows me,

Even when i cross the road, or just still

It likes me because i'm a friend, because i must be fun"

The 12 yrold giggled because he knew too much,

The mother nudged him into silence because she knew better

This was a moment for her to savour,

when faith and innocence, her two great friends

Joined hands to make a little heart believe

A little boy made friends with the sun that day

All because he had faith and innocence firm by his side

and let's not forget, a little help from mummy too!


JyotiAjay said...

beautiful poem.

Kavi said...

Yes. Maa hai !

Sometimes i wonder about this magical person called Ma. At other times, i even stupid to 'wonder' !

For she by herself is a super duper wonder ! indeed

Ugich Konitari said...

The Sun smiled
at the little son,
his pudgy fingers
with an offer
one couldn't refuse.
His other hand
on his mother's lap,
A smile on her face,
a glance at the elder,
a wink in her eyes....

And the Sun,
just a wee bit jealous,
his own mother
was there......

Just Like That said...

LOL! funny and awww.. at the same time. the little sweetheart! :-D. May that innocence last long... and let it not be marred by anything..for a long time to come!

Monika said...

awww beautiful

very very heartwarming

god bless the sunshine

Preethi said...

Lovely as always Suma.. light hearted and yet very touching.. I presume that was you of course.. you are a wonderful parent.. :)

Meira said...

The 12 year old played along??? Now that's a teen every mom would pray for!

pink dogwood said...

so cute - keep on shining :)

Pavi!!!! said...

Aww…. I find tales of such innocence so heart-warming ‘coz it so RARE these days! Kudos to you for helping retain innocence and childhood in your children. It is so awesome that the 12 yr old is mature enough to u’stand ur nudge n yet child enuf to giggle aloud. Touchwood !

Sumana said...

You have a lot of patience and am all in admirations for you. I can imagine the 12 year old. Wait sometimes i think faith and innocence are two sides of the same coin. Wonderfully poemed.

Joy said...


Mama - Mia said...

awwwww! :) adopt me?! :)


Suma said...

thank you

ofcourse maa hai na? right now this maa was quite happy that she did not have to handle a tantrum in a taxi in a strange country :)

I absolutely LOVED this poem, it is a fitting end to mine :)

thank you...though i think that should read 'you little sweetheart', that would have made this mom (handling two boys in ahot strange land), very happy :D

thank you, god bless him indeed..i wish that innocence lasts a lil longer

coming from you, that means a lot ;)
though this wonderful parent really will do anything to avoid a tantrum,

if you call a guffaw every now and then, and me glaring at him playing along, then yes... :D

pink dogwood::
what i wouldn't do for a little bit of rain :)

thank you pavi
it is quite a challenge to balance the innocence of a 6 yrold with the attitude of a 12 yrold...

thank you, my 6 yrold doesn't quite throw tantrums but this move is a change for them and the weather's really bothering them, because they are cooped up at home the whole day. besides it is ramadan here

:) :) :)

actually you can adopt them! for a few hours though :)

and consider yourself adopted if that cubby comes along :D

Neera said...

very very sweet ..loved it a lot :)

Rambler said...

sons and suns..hmm interesting

hey btw mommies get a lot of questions from wondering at what age it stops..i can't remember last time I asked my mom anything

Prats said...

Awww...that was so bright and beautiful....

Aishwarya Kumar said...

awesome , butiful :-)