Saturday, August 15, 2009

It fits too well!

I have many memories of my son as a child putting his little hyper feet in our shoes and then clomping about.

It was a cute sight to see those tiny feet in the huge shoes.

You think to yourself "look at those tiny feet. there is so much time to go before he can fill them up'

till suddenly a moment arrives

when you realise you don't have your gym shoes with you and you try your son's shoe half-heartedly, expecting it to be small

And it fits perfectly. Even though i have big feet

Soon he may not fit mine anymore. A sweet moment salted with just a dash of wistfulness.

Happy 12th birthday to my ubercool dude who is so like me and yet not so!

Now go fill your dad's shoes.


WhatsInAName said...

awwww... time flies and how.
Almost the same story here. Infact, now I have the smallest feet among the 3 of us! Imagine that! :)

My heartiest wishes to the smart dude of a smart mom :)

Ugich Konitari said...

Suma, I loved that post. There was a time my son, when little, tried out his father,s blazer and it looked like a midi coat twice wrapped around. Then the time my daughter, at 5 years, wrapping one of my sarees ad infinitum around her, and then she couldn't walk . Things have changed. They grow up. At one point i shared sandals and chappals with my daughter. Now I have the smallest feet in the house....

brocasarea said...

happy birthday dude:)

Kavi said...

Lovely !

time flies ! Doesnt it ! And there you are trying hard to keep up with it. And it tell you it flies.

And you have the sandals, the blazers, the sarees and markings on the wall to keep score.

And ofcourse, you scrounge for the last bit of memory to be stashed away somewhere. Life !

pink dogwood said...

This is so cute - my 12 year old's shoe size is two sizes bigger than mine and she has become taller than me. Lately she has taken to resting her elbows on my shoulder and saying "Hi shortie" :)

Love this post - Happy Birthday little big guy - go fill in your daddy's shoes indeed :)

pink dogwood said...
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pink dogwood said...
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m.flowerr said...

Happy Birthday!

mindspace said...

Many birthday wishes for the boy there :-)

Joy said...

Happy Birthday to big S !!!! :)
That was a nice post

Just Like That said...

awwwww... Happy Birthday to the big little one!

Time enough to fill his Dad's shoes, I think. Let him first find his own feet. But am sure in time, God willing, he will... :-)

Rohini said...

12 years?! Wow! Happy birthday to the young man

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday cool dude.
I can fore see the sharing coming up soon.

Rambler said...

Its so difficult to comment on such posts :)...

wishing him a very happy birthday

Pavi!!!! said...

Many Many Happy Returns to the kid...who in a year will b'com a teen! time does fly! Wish him love luck n laughter all the thru the year!

n this post...profound...the casual way u've expressed this such a deep sentiment is truly beautiful!

Meira said...

My mom never worried about my sister...she was the shortest of us all .
errr... ok!
Happy 12th. 12 already...teens about to begin? All the best, Suma.

--xh-- said...

:) happy b'day to him...

a nice account of how time flies...

Suma said...

yes, time flies! i would love to have the smallest feet.
thanks, Wian

i know exactly what you mean...they do love imitating us when small :)

Dr. bro:
Thank you :)

i'm really not trying to keep up with time, but sometimes, i'm having so much fun that i don't realise how much they've actually grown, physically and otherwise

Pink dogwood:;
HAHAHA...that was so cute!

and thank you


thank you. guess what? we took the boys to ski dubai :)

thank you..and nice post from a nice mom for a nice boy :)

yes, he will in time, just like we did :)
thank you

yes, 12 years and counting!

thanks a ton..i guess your time will come soon


:) :) :) i know, and thanks


thank you so much :)will pass it on

teens about to begin and he is still the same:) i think this teen business is overhyped

thank you... :)

Meira said...

You have been awarded. On my blog

Mama - Mia said...

how can you always say it so simply and beautifully!

Happy 12th the cool dude! may life bring him all the happiness it has to offer!


Prats said...

Hmmm...thats such a lovely feeling too though, isn't it....such mixed emotions...I know it must feel good too :)
Wish the big boy a very happy birthday and to have lots more fun moments in his life

JyotiAjay said...

Happy birthday may all ur dreams come true.

JyotiAjay said...

Happy birthday may all ur dreams come true.

Suma said...

thank you...and congrats to you too :)

thanks for the wishes..

consider yourself lucky, this post had the potential to be LONG:)

mixed feelings, but mostly happy :)

Thank you for the wishes

Neera said...

Happy birthday cool dude! Wishing u many many joys in the coming year.

A very sweet post Suma :)

Preethi said...

Happy Bday Cool Dude !! So what did he get as a bday gift? I have a 11 yr old nephew.. when I first met him he was a little kid.. younger than Cheeky now.. he loved cuddles and attention.. now he is this cool dude who is above all kiddy things :P So I can imagine :)

Miss M said...


Happy belated birthday to your cool dude! :)

rayshma said...

aww... hope he had a wonderful day...
how'd you celebrate?
12... wow!!! he must feel all grown up! :)

noon said...

Very sweet post! I can relate to this in my own way - though KB is only four - just seeing him grow up in new ways...such a bitter sweet thing - you are filled with pride when you see them grow physically, emotionally and in other ways...but it is also sad that they are not your babies any more...that we need to let go...

Jaggu said...

Happy birthday and nice blog you have. And welcome to my blog.

Suma said...

thank you. it made us a bit sad that , he's been spending every birthday since the last 3 years in a new environment :)

he got a much longed for Arsenal shirt, a soccer ball(because super mom packed everything in the shipment) a book and few other things which i hid all over the place and he was given clues to hunt for it. and sometimes i think he is stll a little kid because the best present he liked was my handdrawn time vouchers for extra computer screen time :)

Miss M
thank you..he had a wonderful time

we took them to Ski dubai (a snow area) and of course yummy chocolate cake!


Deepali said...

happy belated birthday to your son :)

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Heyy, thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed a long tour of your blog, enjoyed the 'dry humour'. You are truly amazing! Adapting to so many cities and countries and keeping sane and happy is a real tough thing, and you have managed so well. And all that without a full length mirror! Truly amazing!

Sucharita Sarkar said...

BTW, hope your cool dude had a nice birthday! Teenhood is just a year away, and what does a mom of an almost-teen feel like? The post was lovely.

Suma said...


Thankyou. i loved your latest post too. teenhood IS a year away and perhaps it's overhyped :) he still seems normal

Preeti Shenoy said...

Lovely one!
Ah--he is a Leo! Happy happ b'day (though belated) to the dude.