Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mirror talk

Had i mentioned how awesome i was for managing without a full-length mirror for two years?

Now I have not one but two full-length gigantic mirrors to preen before. One in the hallway and one in my bedroom. It is H.U.G.E. For one who managed with one measly square of reflecting surface, this is enormous, so pardon the 'gush' talk. Besides this is temporary accomodation, so I am making the most of it.

It took me a few days to get used to the one in the hallway. It is at one end of a corridor and initially it was a bit of a shock to come sleepy eyed and see a scary looking figure walking towards you, when it was in fact you walking to yourself.

This particular mirror also sees some serious getting in touch with the inner self.

For instance,

A certain 'she who shall not be named' (forgive me, i just watched harry potter 6) sashays to and fro before deciding that the visit to the gym is overdue. Tucking in that stomach is getting to be a pain.

A six yrold is often caught making funny faces to himself and practising something which looks a cross between jumping, flaying arms around and moving different parts of the body in 4 directions. He calls it dancing.

The ubercool serious dude, soon to be 12, has been spotted coaxing those lil curls in front into a spike. and ofcourse a few choice soccer moves are mandatory.

The big guy has also succumbed to the charms of the mirror, there has been a fair amount of looking at side profiles and critical appraisals going on.

We may have just discovered narcissism, our inner selves and the fact that mirrors don't lie.


Meira said...

2 years without one?:O omigosh!
I survived 6 months! then the first piece of furniture we bought after the wedding was a full length mirror. wearing saris is so much comfortable now:D

Deepali said...

lol @ 'see a scary looking figure walking towards you'

Prats said...

Lol!!!!! I can just imagine the whole scene and can't stop laughing....I think its not the people in front of it...I guess its the presence of a mirror which makes an ordinary humble person act like silly ones....I see very similar moves in my household too...

Preeti Shenoy said...

heh heh heh heh

Imagine what would have happnened if they were on bedroom ceilings ;-) :)


Pavi!!!! said...

A full-size mirror down the hallway! I am sooooooo jealous! It makes ur place sounds like a mansion!

N now that the mirror has introduced you n ur family to vanity etc etc..i hope the aptment u move to actually does have a full size mirror…’coz unlearning the usage of a mirror is quite some task!

Rambler said...

aha..so finally getting in terms with our true reflections..well in a literal sense :D

btw I too am fascinated with PS's idea..imagine opening your eyes to find youself looking at you in the morning :D

rayshma said...

it's been 3 years without one... and i dread to think that i'll react that way too if i were to wake up and see myself! :D

other than this... u liking dubai?

Suma said...

oh yes, wearing saris is more convenient when you have ample space to look yourself over

see what the hubby, kids and teh bus driver face every morning!

silly?! very well coordinated talking to our self scenes going on here. :D

Imagining, imagining and imagining :)

okay, make that a corridor..its not that big :)
but i guess, i could live with a smaller mirror too...

beware when PS suggests something with a wink,

imagine my frizzy hair!

we've been here before so had fun then...right now, just lazing till the shipment arrives and then the fun? begins

Mama - Mia said...

haha! and AFTER showing us the picture you telling us you need to hit the gym? grrrrr!!!

and the post bought a much needed smile... no grin on my face!! :D man you rock! :)


Sumana said...

Suma, I can read you making the best use of it. It is going to be me in your shoes in sometime. We plan to move to our flat which are having full length mirrors in all rooms. I guess this is the best way to make people visit gym. What do you think? ROFL at the soccer and dancing. Just imagine you wake up in the middle of the night be sure not to look at the mirror.

Joy said...

Wow...G got succumbed to the mirror as well??? Ofcourse your pre-teen gonna enjoy every bit of it :)
Looking at you does not look any gym visit being overdue.. :)

--xh-- said...

lol.. cant stop laughing whn i imagine the appraisals going on :) same thing happens @ my place also now, thanks to the full length mirror on the wardrobe :)

WhatsInAName said...

Agree with Abha. From that snap, you hardly are anywhere near fat!
So go ahead and preen, girl. You deserve to.

rayshma said...

YOUR hair is frizzy?? oh gosh! you haven't seen mine, have you?
or do you only take pics when u straighten ur hair?! :D

Monika said...

gosh i would have died in 2 days and u survived 2 yrs

and i hate u... u call urself fat then i would have no word in the dictionary for me :(

Suma said...


for the stomach and the toning. :)why do you think the pic is taken from so far? ;)

that IS teh best way, trust e :) and your own house? congrats and happy moving!

:) :) :)

it does, believe me,it does!

and i'm sure you join in too :)

exercise is good they say, i just need a reason to convince myself ;)

mine sometimes could be used to clean a floor..unruly and frizzy...
the rebonding lasts for 10 months d i'm very happy then...

i didn't call myself fat..i just realised that i've let myself go a bit and it shows...
and besides, i'm more concerned that i don't exercise much..which i should...and a fulllength mirror does entice you to spend more time looking at yourself

you are fine...you've set your goals and it will work out soon :)