Monday, July 6, 2009

The tag countdown!

Tag: 1.

Sraikh from Asaaan tagged me to list down 7 awesome things about myself. Ps from Just a mother of two gave me a similar tag "5 things i like about myself". Have you tried keeping two vacationing boys occupied? I'm awesomeness personified right now!

over to the facts:

1) I love the fact that i always surprise someone, including myself. My mom was surprised that her l'il girl- turned -married woman could cook and went away, finally at peace with her mothering skills...this was 5 years after my marriage when she had the chance to spend 10 days with me! Friends are surprised that i write well. Someone met me at my son's birthday party and exclaimed "oh my, you look awesome!' Perfect if only she had toned down the surprise and wonder in her voice!

2) I'm awesome because i must be the only woman who has managed for two years without a full length mirror! We moved into this apartment which was owned by a bachelor. He had one full length mirror made of four squares stuck onto the wall, one below the other. Hidden behind the door. Only a bachelor would think of that! Day two of moving in, one square fell off.
Month 1, another fell down. Now all that remains is one solitary square which reflects my feet. So do pardon me when i preen in the lift. It has two mirrored walls.

3) I like the fact that i can manage my time alone. I can never feel bored! I love to people watch, cloud watch, crystal gaze, build futures and unravel stories in my mind.

4) I like the fact that I'm continuously evolving. I'm not the same person i was, 10 years back and I'm not just talking about the plumper, greyer me. I've thrown away much and can make do with less. I'm better. With scope to be the best in my eyes!

5) I think i would be lost without my rather dry sense of humor. Just to show me how it feels, i get a son who is a replica of me, mannerism wise. I now know what you went through, mom! But then how would you have known mothering is not a breeze? right? Right!

6) I'm awesome because i don't own 10 pairs of shoes or handbags or watches or sunglares. Can someone tell G you can't get luckier than this?

7) I'm awesome because i can disguise sprouts, broccoli and soya in cutlets, pizzas and anything edible and have the kiddos stuff themselves thinking its junk food. Don't worry, this awesome treatment is only reserved for family, not for guests.

tag 2!

Abha from mama mia (thanks shruthi, i've added the link now) had tagged me quite a few months, (make that many many months back) on a domestic disaster. This should have been a piece of cake. I have plenty to choose from: I've burnt many bottles, spilt whole vessels of gravy, forgotten house keys, and done worse things.

There was this time when i was in a rush to go somewhere, got my 2 yr old ready, stepped out and pulled the door shut. And then said 'Uh oh"! Why? because the house key was inside. After much jumping around, i managed to get someone to call a locksmith who fleeced me but did the job. Then the nosy neighbor arches her eyebrows and asks me: "How did you manage to lock yourself out?"

No! i didn't bang the door shut just to show her, that would have been foolish.

i looked around at all the faces staring at me and zeroed in on the 2 yr old..."he did it!" Everyone patted him and laughed, saying "kids, what a naughty l'il boy!" and all was well in my world again!

Now, who wants to be tagged?

The first 5 who comment?


Pleading comes easy, especially when we are into week 3 of THE VACATIONS!


WhatsInAName said...

rofl! typically you and thats why we love the way you write. Does your then-2-year-old know that he was made a scapegoat?
oops am i one of the first 5! gee hee gee!

Suma said...


Yay! this is one tag i would love you to do. Please do before i put on my stage 2 voice, okay?

and shhh... certain things are never to be revealed...i've made use of them for worse things, babies and toddlers are very useful sometimes :)

Ugich Konitari said...

Enjoyed this post a lot. Took me back many many years. And i must be the champion of domestic disasters. Cant beat having 2 British guests for dinner, and someone keeping a corning ware containing a wonderfully made Biryani directly on the gas flame. I'm sitting outside for a minute, and there is this big bang in the kitchen with shreds of stuff all over. I go in, see the stuff, take a deep breath and start cooking another one.

There I was , smiling with a "stiff upper lip" and getting n with the replacement stuff, and all those guests remarking on how cool i was about the whole thing.

Cant do a tag. This was enough :-)

Mama - Mia said...


i just came by to tell ya that you are tagged to the awesome tag!! and here i say her awesomeness in all her glory!

you indeed a rockingly awesome woman!!

and btw, you have company, rather I am even more awesome because i STILL dont have a full length mirror! and this is year 5 of shaadi! muuhhaaaahhhhhaaa!! :p so forgive me when i look at myself in any mirrored surface! :p

you are one helluva woman! :)


Monika said...

loved reading this post i think i will take up the awesome walla tag

Meira said...

I will comment as anonymous today.
But less than 10 pairs of shoes, and no full length mirror. Lady, can you mail me your photo? I so have to place it in an altar and worship you :D

--xh-- said...

rofl.... u r really awesome :)
and yeah, i can tell to G that you cant get more lucky than this - a lady who lives without a full length mirror, who dont owns 10 pairs of hand bag and footwear :)

rayshma said...

hello... i've managed without a full-length mirror for 3 years now.
never felt the need to get one, actually... realized it only when i read it here! :D

and yes, i can tell G how lucky he is!!! pass me the ID, will ya?! ;)

Suma said...

you cannot get more awesome than that! if it had happened to me the guests would have taken me out to dinner to compensate :)

mama mia-

looks like many have been living without a full-length mirror. i bow to thee! ofcourse with a smile like yours, one gets dazzled enough!

please do...i would love to read. the reason i didn't tag anyone specifically is that many have already done this...besides you qualify by virtue of having commented 4th :p

Suma said...

heeheee nice try lady! you are fifth and you better do the tag okay?

am i not? :)

seriously?!!! no fulllength mirror?! che! now that i find it so hard to believe!

pink dogwood said...

I agree - you are awesome :) Loved reading it. you blaming the 2 year old reminded me of a joke - but it about f*rts and probably inappropriate to tell here :)

Pavi!!!! said...

i so love the nice-nice things u've said about urself..they are unique and crazy n not to forget..NICE! ...n if im ever ur guest..pls feel free to hide the healthy food in cutlet,pizza, watever n fool me!

u know wats not so disastrous abt ur domestic disaster....the fact that u had the 2 yr old in ur hand and not inside the house.
my mil once locked up my sil's
3 yr old inside the house(all alone, mind u!) n wat followed was 3 hrs of a nightmare!

Just Like That said...

lololololol. the mirrors in the lift must be saying here comes that lady again!!! :-D
After staying in similar houses, when we were furnishing our flat, had full length mirrors placed in all 3 bedrooms. And then, we moved out and are now staying in a rented place, where the bathroom has a wall to wall mirror, but only till the waist! Perfect for shaving for the hubby, but for the wife- not quite! Sigh! Its a conspiracy, I tell you.

I LOVE your son's sense of humour.. :-D awesome.

And ROFL at the quickthinking Suma. The 2 yr old is not going to remember, you would have.. :-D Good for you!
Nice tag. :-)

Joy said...

You are awesome, indeed in every way :) :) .. Is little S aware this incident? and he left you free??

BTW, you need a full length mirror to appreciate if the footwear and the handbag get along with your dress :) :) :) So...

Rambler said...

Disguise Broccoli?,, man I got to check up what all my mom has fed me ..

Suma said...

pink dogwood::
heehee..i think i've heard that joke. you must do this tag too, its a great feeling :)

thank you, for those nice words.
and yes, i was lucky to have my son with me, i too know of an incident where the child was locked in and they had to enter through som window...that must have been a scary situation for your ML and SIL

sigh..what's with those mirrors and rented places? and this tag is about me..please do keep saying how awesome i am...:)
oh yeah, if i had admitted it, i would never have heard the end of it.
and do the tag, JLT, please

birthday girl, he does not know...i am not yet so foolhardy..i plan to tell him when he does the same thing

and not having a full length mirror means getting a shock when you enter the lift and gasp at all that weight put on :)

rm said...

Cool girl eh?? :-) . It was a nice post made one realise your blog reflects your true self.As usual love to read you.

Just Like That said...


Shruti said...

OH MY GOD u write well!! =)) LOL!
u dont get bored na? do u have imaginary conversations too??
oh fantastic points! U'R TRULY AWESOME >:D<

Ur first line of tag 2 reads 'Abha from had tagged me' u missed her bloglink!

I've heard of kids blaming others.. u blaming the kid is so insanely funnyyyy :))

and G, u can't get luckier than this.. there I told him :P:P

CM-Chap said...

1) May be she couldnt believe her eyes so she exclaimed.. lol..
3) Cheers.. I too love to spend time all alone
6) so you burn G's wallet by buying only dresses???

Ha Ha you made you 2 yr old as culprit... Poor kid

Sumana said...

#3 tells how balanced a woman you are.
#4, i am in the same boat.
For the #6, you should make G read this post. Ah no probably he knows how awesome you are. No Not kidding.

Loved the tag #2. Are we not evolving ourselves. Sometimes self help is the best help. I knocked my cell phone not sure how it slipped off. I blamed it on my 1.5 year old who had just learnt the art of throwing.

Enjoyed reading

Suma said...


thank you, those were lovely words :)

now that's what makes you an awesome commenter. are you doing the tag now?

i have entire movies running in my mind, sometimes :D
thanks for pointing that out. I've inserted the link now.

Maybe, maybe not :)
As i sometimes remind him, i'm quite a low maintainence wife, :)

he knows, thanks to me!

see? i knew someone would understand, after all self preservation tactics kick in time

Gazal said...

//I'm awesome because i can disguise sprouts, broccoli and soya in cutlets, pizzas and anything edible and have the kiddos stuff themselves thinking its junk food//

pls take classes...

Preeti Shenoy said...

hehe heh heh..LOL'd at the mirror story and nodded in agreement with toning the surprise down at your looking awesome. You indeed do. (no surpised exclamation--pls note) :)
and OMG Suma--I have done all the things that u have including locking myself out :) (But I didnt blame anyone) :)
Lovely post.

Suma said...

hahaha...done, you attending?

thank you, thank you for the looking awesome bit, and reciprocated too.

as for locking myself out, it was a hot summer day and i was in no mood for nosy neighbor's 20FAQ's :)

Neera said...

loved reading this :) with u on #3 fact I wish I had more time to do just that ..some day :) And yes G totally needs to know how lucky he is as does my husband u know a wife who has never said yes to a single piece of jewelery in the 5 years of marriage ..that's me and u just made me realize how awesome I am ;)

brocasarea said... @ no 6 and 2!!![hes indeed lucky;)]

Anonymous said...

Loved reading it.
And you using your child as the bakri!

Preethi said...

I loved the last one.. blame it on the kid.. I do that all the time ;)