Thursday, July 16, 2009

So Singapore!

Among the things learnt at the Singapore Discovery Centre

1) Learning to build an entire city on a small island: trying to figure out where the hospital, community centres, playground etc should be. Understanding that since there is less land space, housing apartments are built upwards, but only till a certain height.

2) Appreciating how Singapore has managed to make its disadvantages work. A nation of many races, having four official languages and still doing fine.

The place is a veritable storehouse of information interactively presented. The kids
tried their hand at being a commando, built cities, did a news report and saw themselves on television.
I liked the corridor of quotable quotes from school children on how they view the future:
A nine year old had this to say: Singaporeans will have get flowers as pets and travel in high tech bubbles that go pop when they arrive

Another one

and of course this would tickle a certain 11 yrold's funny bone!


Sraikh said...

that one abt school not being stressful, I hope comes true. Singaporean kids have too much stress right from Pri 1. My kids would never be able to survive there.

PS:I havent heard anything from my aunt so thats why i dont know what to tell you :(

Rambler said...

you saved the best one for the last ha :)

Suma said...

yeah, i feel bad when i see lil kids poring over their school books late into the night.
and that's okay, i bought some stuff at LIMs in holland village :)

:) :) :)

Just Like That said...

Your hair's grown! Looking nice!! .

Sumana said...

The first point is making the kids think and all that. Both the kiddos must have enjoyed it thoroughly. LOL at the last one. A smart 12 year old...

Meira said...

hahaha. I'd like to come across one child who disagrees with that last one!

Pavi!!!! said...

neat..seems like a fun thing to do!

n u think that saying would tickle ONLY a 11 yr old's bone?A certain 27 yr old is very amused n thinking of a diplomatic way to convey the saying to her mom ;)

rayshma said...

tell the 11 year old that this is VERY wishful thinking! :D
coz moms are a different specie... they evolve and adapt really really quick!
:D :D

Joy said...

Tan Chei says it all.. Truth for generations barring religion, borders..
That must have been a fun trip...

Deepali said...

Very interesting - city / town planning is not as easy as most people think it is (but of course we love to curse the government even if we do know how complicated it can be hehe).