Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So, where am I?

24 months back, a family of four moved to Singapore. For a two year period. To give the kids some exposure. For a change. To see how different the cheese is. Ofcourse the husband's job required the move. The rest were just excuses to reinforce the decision.

Even though I've moved cities a lot during my childhood and after marriage, setting up a new home away from India was difficult. It was a new country. Besides, I never realised when i had let those roots grow deep enough to keep me connected to Delhi. It was tough to pack things up, and say goodbye!

But move we did and did a pretty good job of it too! We each found our bits of cheese in places we least expected. I found mine in blogging, something i was not aware of before. And just when we were beginning to sit back, it was time to move again. Oh my has it been 2 years already?

In addition to handling the pang I feel at the thought of moving away from the familiar, people seem to excel in telling me what to expect in the new place. When we moved to Calcutta, people painted a very gloomy picture of the place. It happened to be one of the best places i've lived in. Warm, inviting and addictive! So was our move to Bhopal. Contrary to popular perceptions, it is a lovely laid back city with a close knit community.

and now,

"Doooobai" drawled people in horror. and then went on to praise Singapore. "Look at the transport, the safety, the comfort, the weather; Singapore is the best, it is the best! "

Our house owner looked suitably mortified, and he said "you are going to dooobai. your wife will wear a booorkha?" sigh...

I went to see a 'few months' new son of a neighbor and she was a tough nut to crack. Everytime i said something about the baby, she would brush it aside and inform me about some new horror about dubai. By the time she had finished comparing the transport, the order, the comfort and started on the libraries, (and she has never visited dubai till date) I had reached the end of what ever little patience i never knew i had. I resorted to my diversionary tactic and turned to her baby and gushed "Oh my what an active little boy"

A master move, if it wasn't for that little fact that the darling had wisely fallen asleep a while back.

Sometimes i'm too smart for my own good.

Singapore, to us, was a wonderful two year vacation and we loved every day of it. People want to know how we do it. The moving around, i mean. I guess when you move as much as we do, it helps to avoid comparing. I would never be able to let go, if i did that. It is best to go to the new place with an open mind and most times you are pleasantly surprised.

Every move too has one panic stricken moment when i fast forward and rewind my whole life, and all i see are cartons and suitcases and packaging tape.

So here I am in Dubai. Comfortably settled in a serviced residence while we hunt around for a place to live in. There is a lot to get done.

and the mind overwhelmed with trying to get all the coordinates to meet somewhere, i turn on my laptop, quite eager to enter a world which has remained the same: familiar, inviting and a mood uplifter. and it is almost like i've never moved!

keep those comments coming, folks, they keep me sane.


Meira said...

Here's my attempt at keeping you sane :P
Dubai ought to be fun. They make good chocolates. And we can stay at your soon-to-be-found place for the shopping festivals :D
I've moved from to

Monika said...

the only move i have had is from delhi to blore...

frankly i am not too game for moves, i dont know why but i kind of dread them i think its the effort of finding a new cheese...

hope u enjoy dubai :) i am sure it will be fun... for people who want to know how to have enjoy every place is fun

pink dogwood said...

I have noticed that sometimes when people are envious and know that they can't do what you are doing - they put down whatever you are doing - just to make themselves feel better. For example, when I was training to run in a marathon - all the non-runners would tell me how I am going to mess up my knees from running - whatever - I paid no attention to them. So ignore your well meaning acquaintances - they are too well settled in their comfort zone and just won't understand.

Dubai should be fun - can't wait to explore it via your blog.

do you know Shalini of Travels and travails blog? (
I believe she lives in Dubai - she has got a great blog as well.

Have fun!!!

Just Like That said...

good girl! :-) I see u connected the laptop as advised. Oh, bet the comments will come pouring in.;-)

LOL at the burkha fear. I believe Dubai is one of the best Gulf countries to live in... the only drawback I'd heard was that rentals were horrendously expensive. But recently someone told me that's come down, so you guys are moving at a good time.

Happy settling in, sweets, and hope the heat's a little less daunting now?

mindspace said...

Welcome as i said in the earlier post too.. i came here 6 months back and am loving the place. yes, dont compare and let its beauty unfold in its own way. rents have come down big time.. it makes much sense to stay near the work place & kids school though traffic also has drastically reduced over last few months.. lemme know if you have any kind of queries.. though new myself, i will try my best to be of help :)

Anonymous said...

I have moved many many times with 1,2,3 and now 4 kids. Its all in the mind. Concentrate on the postives. It will help

Ignore all the advise. People are just jealous.

Hey, you were in Bhhopal. NK is from Bhopal. I found that place so nice and clean and green and quiet and no beggars and no traffic.
Truly, I can only spend 2-3 days in Delhi/Mumbai and then I want to run to Bhopal.

Kavi said...

Doobai is a neat place. So i have heard.

I am seriously envious of you and all the moves that you are making. Fantastic exposure for the kids. And a great discovery process too !!

And so heres to the next so many years of vacation in Dubai !

And give the wishes to the Sheik there. And dont try planting trees. For the perception is, you dig the ground and out comes oil !

Could be see !


Pavi!!!! said...

Congrats on landing in ur new abode in one piece..with family intact(im guessing ur all in one piece 'coz if not, im thinking tht would have deserved a mention in ur space!)

Till the time i was 25..i had NEVER moved cities. had shifted home ONCE n HATED it!

in the last 3 yrs i've moved so many cities in the us....n I'm lovin it... infact thsi year, we are staying put n 2 days back JUST celebrated our 1st year of not movign anywhere...n surprisingly it makes me SAD! yes, i am jealous of all of u who are moving....its so much fun! a Perfect excuse to clean up ur home, look back at memories, make new friends, learn new things, visit more place..just so many things n start life fresh!

Have fun sure u'll make the best of ur stay in Dubai!

Preethi said...

Dubai... a new place, and more new things to see.. I bet you guys will have fun.. go explore Dubai and the near abouts :) Have a fun and safe move!

Rambler said...

Hope S and S are having good fun

Compassion Unlimitted said...

A new place in two years time ! I think you guys are damn lucky.Your orbit seems to have expanded very gracefully,Kolkata,Bhopal A smaller orbit to Sing & now Dubai a larger orbit ! Hope it expands to a larger one next time into Europe & USA
See how fast kids settle down in the new place & only Adults take a longer time..But Globe Trotters like you & your family, it must be just a jiffy
Good Luck to your hubby ,you & kids

rayshma said...

where in dubai are you?
i can guide you to n'ring malls and stuff... i guess dubai's an okay place. but i totally hated it!!! :D

Neera said...

Wow ..ur positivity is so infectious Suma. Well I one for one truly dream of being in ur shoes :) And I am so sure u'll find ur cheese wherever u move. really really love and appreciate ur attitude. Good luck dear! If possible do a post on how the kids take it - emotionally, academically, etc.

Sumana said...

I have seen people being positive for the sake of it. But truly admire the way you percieve things. Sure shot unless you try a new place or go take a trip, how can you comment to change the other person's view. So the kiddos excited?

--xh-- said...

new place - lot of new things to do, places to see, and people to meet - am sure it will be fun :) keep us posted...

Mama - Mia said...

i laughed so hard reading dooobai and booorkha!! :) i could just imagine them all aghast!

i think you have an awesome attitude which is why you will not just survive but enjoy every new place that you come to! :)

have fun and stay sane!



Prats said...

Dooobai?? Am I glad there is this familiar thing called blogging !! :)
I'm sure whatever the place has had to offer in terms of other's feedbacks, you will make it a home for however long you choose to stay until the time , there are some moments to laugh and be cheerful about...have fun settling down and finding a wonderful new place.

Preeti Shenoy said...

Same pinch, same pinch same pinch Suma!!
Just change the names of places you've been to and you could be telling my story.
Oh yes--the horror of cartons too I can sooo relate!
You'll have a great time. I am sure of that. See people who are dampeners are the unadventurous kinds..not like you and me. We? We're supreme, coz we know it all depends on how one looks at it! :) (with nose in the air)

Miss M said...

Dubai huh. I haven't heard nice things about that place. But then again, I heard it from someone who is completely biased towards Perth.
But I know how moving can get quite taxing. Hope you're hanfling it well.

First time here. :)

Suma said...

we've been here should be fun....i think.

oh yes, moving does take you out of the comfort zone. I remember it being tougher as we grew older, becaus eyou needed to put in that much extra effort to be accepted by the rest

pink dogwood::
to be fair, i think most find it tough to undertsnd why one would leave a perfectly nice country and stat from scratch in another...but therein lies some charm

and thanks for the link and good wishes

Suma said...

let me not get started on the dust and heat :). but other than that its been pretty comfortable.

thank you for the email. we are quite actively house hunting and i seem to be spouting arabic these days :)

you are truly the move-guru here :) and i loved bhopal, tranquil and royal

Prats said...

hey CU...why can' I access yourblog anymore :( ??? Have I been away so long that you've knocked me off the list?

Suma said...

haha..that's a thought..i'll try to remember that if ever i dig the ground :)

we moved a bit growing up, and i didn't mind. though it does get difficult as you grow older.
moving is fun, it adds spice to things and we get to experience new places and cultures.

Preethi:: just moved too right?

oh yes they extra month of holidays? why won't they? the question to ask is whether i'm having fun! :)

it's been such a long time. and why cannot i access your blog?

thanks for the wishes.

Right now, we ae put up in the greens, new dubai area...what is n'ring malls?

my positivity stems from the fact that the real work has not yet started. Wait till our stuff comes and the kids start school, and i have to put on a smiling face just so that the kids settle in well..:)

Suma said...

the younger one seems to think that this move means no school! the older one just hopes i can get him into a school which has soccer! so see, their requiremens are not much.

hey thanks, marriage seems to have taken you away from teh blog circuit..yenjoy! :)

:) thank you. though i do get flustered quite a bit. besides it is up to us to decide how we live our life.

am i glad you've come out of your cocoon! have you turned into a butterfly? :)

thanks for teh good wishes...

Preeti:: is all in the mind. and we are pretty clear how we see things there :)

Miss M::
nice seeing you here..loved the picsof your lovely home

WhatsInAName said...

hugs to you Suma!
Here I am stuck to one place for a decade and dying for a change and there you are who is confused aboutit :-)
I can understand the initial hesitance but am sure you will not only adapt but start enjoying life in Doobai :-)
so cheers to that

Shachi said...

Good luck in Dooobai :)

I don't think I have commented on your blog before, but I have read some of your posts.

I came to know about your blog from Preeti Shenoy's blog.

I have a cousin who has been living in Dubai for more than 10 years now....if you need any help, I can get you in touch with her.

Me and her both use Facebook so you can add me there and connect with her there - just an option :)

Have fun!!!!

Deepali said...

Live in the same city (even same house) for all of my 26 years and I think I would hate living anywhere else.

I'm sure each city has it's pros and cons and I think with the attitude you seems to have, you will pick up as many of the positives as you can. [Though I do hear that SG is just totally brilliant so might be a little tough to beat that].

Was in Dubai more than a decade ago hehe I don't remember seeing too many women moving around in burkhas there - of course we didn't love the trip cause we were too young to enjoy it and got pretty bored most of the time. My aunt and cousins insist I should visit again but hehe I'd rather vacation somewhere else. The one unbelievable thing about Dubai though is the pace of construction. Mind blowing (and I am talking about close to or more than 10 years ago). I remember when we were leaving (I think we stayed 2 weeks) there was a flyover that as completed 1/5th of the way or so and it wasn't visible when we had landed :) I'm sure some cities in China beat that pace but still pretty incredible.

onlooker said...

hi..long time...and so uve moved to doobai!! :) welcome to the desert lands! loved ur attitude, how while comparing be it places or people, each loses its charm and beauty, for what it is.

Reflections said...

Aha.....this is great news!!!!!

Dubai is good, period!!!!!!

Please accept the humble welcome of this na-cheez who's been here almost a decade now:-D.