Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Small talk!

11 yrold : "Can i check the Arsenal website on your laptop'

Me(doing some small talk) : 'Fine....why? Is there an important arsenal match?

He nods and then a minute later, he adds : 'BTW, its 'ARE'senal not 'ARSE'nal!"

Thud, (*that was my jaw hitting the floor! anothe word joins my "think before you talk' vocab))

I enter the room to see a dedicated 6 yrold busy with his handwriting homework. Diligently drawing the T's, l's and b's with his trusted ruler.

Me (because i just can't keep my mouth shut): why do you need a ruler?!!!!

Rolling his eyes : "Beeeecause, my teacher wants NEAT handwriting!"

I give up!

In other news, I've been given the new nokia 5800, recently. And my son's drooling over it. It has a touch screen and i quite dislike seeing thumbprints all over my screen. (*cue for rolling eyes! that's what happens at home everytime i say that).

I'm still treating it like its a grenade, but other than that, it's pretty good.

So today while showing me some feature, 11 yrold enviously muttered "You are soo lucky! i wonder what you did to get it" (in other words, why i deserved it?)

sigh! Perhaps I should say "Sit down boy, this could take the whole day"!!!!

PS...his is an innocent question, but of course you, my imaginative readers, can interpret it in any way you want...:D


--xh-- said...

Kids are becoming smarter than us :) and man, lol at the question - i wonder what you did to get it :)

Just Like That said...

ROFL! your boys are a delight!
I think one day is not enough for you to explain why you deserve it :-D
LOL at treating the Nokia 5800 like a grenade!
My husband still hasn't stopped banging his head against the wall for buying me an E51. I ONLY use it to make and answer call. and maybe take some pics. :-D
He says he should've given me his old phone and bought himself whatever geeky thing is out now!

Monika said...

lol!!! kids are so smart these days.... i am wondering what will ojas do when he grows up

*scared me*

rayshma said...

erm.. i hate fingerprints on my phone screen too.
but well.. i'm now thinking WHAT it is you did... to get that phone! ;) hehehehehhee!!!
a few years, my friend... till he asks you that in this context! :D i'm just preparing u...
*runs off for cover before she's found and killed*

Pavi!!!! said...

hey..im with the li'l one...if the teacher wants a good handwritin u can do nothin but use a scale;)

Ur 11yr old is gettin very very smart with words! LOL...watch out suma..therz so much more to come! :D

n yaaaaa..im fussy abt the thumbprints too!why is it hard for men to u'stand that?

brocasarea said...

hehe....children always try to goof their parents for mobiles[my little cousins do tht]

by the way u really crazy abt gadgets???.....;)

Kavi said...

Oh boy ! That spell error is quite something ! I guess they do tend to neatly read between the lines ! Neatly !!


And congratulations on the phone ! And wishing you a quick transition from grenade treatment to phone treatment !

The boys sure must be an energy sapping delight for you !! Enjoy !

Paula said...

He is so NEAT. Greetings from Florida.

ceedy said...

Hehe...we need to know what you really did I guess :)

Kids dont lie - he must have seen something was different there ;)

Joy said...

You'll never win them. If you ask me, give S the phone for half an hour, he might help you if you get stuck with some of its features some day :) :) :)

WhatsInAName said...

lol please do let me know too what you did to get that phone ;-)
but then the way i loose my phones I know that even if i do an item number I will not be given one hehe
Oh i hate fingerprints too and i have them in loads all over my mirrors and TV and laptop :-( I have now given up trying to correct people

~nm said...

Hahahah! Too Good!

These kids are getting so smart. It won't be long when I will also have to face such stuff with Anirudh it seems the way he is behaving these days.

Mama - Mia said...

you wicked women! asking readers to imagine all kinda un-holi stuff! :p

your boys are just too cute! and the younger one reminds me of my brother! he always had but taecher wants...! aarrgghh! :p

and you know I have asiter in singapore and now i am tempted to make a trip just so that i can meet you while i am at it! :)

brilliant post!



Dr Roshan R said...

hehe.. kids really have changed from our times, huh ?

back then, we were the cool one sif we could use the VCR and make fun of our moms for not knowing how to use it.. now its a touch screen mobile !!!

Rambler said...

haha, I too would like to listen to you..I mean what you did to deserve the phone :)

Anonymous said...

rofl. I was laughing at aresenal as well.

Neera said...

ha ha ha ..this was a delight :) I am curious to know what did u actually say or what were ur reactions (spoken out) to the boys at each of these instances ..pls do enlighten us :)

Suma said...

kids are smart because i'm letting them be smart with me :P

and i swear i didn't do anything...i just got it for being soooooo nice!

Preethi said...

"You are soo lucky! i wonder what you did to get it"

Prats said...

heheh...the lil one is soooo cute....and to think neat handwriting can stress them out...way to go boy!!
yep tell me too...whats the secret??
My older one still thinks I dont deserve the iphone, I got as a gift.. what does he know?? hmppf...what all we go through for that one small grenade...hehehhe

Suma said...

seriously i use my phone for the basic stuff...but guess who's become teh most fav parent to be with...yup, me...why? so that they can play with my phone!

its going to be fun too...they never fail to surprise you :)

lol! i didn't do anything...except being exceptionally nice perhaps :D

and i'm now reduced to wiping that screen a hundred times a day!

you bet, the scales's being used even for hindi...

and my 11 yrold loves correcting me...a revenge of sorts perhaps?

I'm not gadget crazy...but i'm particular about a few requirements...and i can stay with one gadget for years,

that's pretty neat thinking from you too :)

and my phone's finally getting some respect from me...

:)...welcome here!

rm said...

:-) that was a lovely post.

pink dogwood said...

hmmmm. what DID you do to get it? my imagination is running wild here ;)

btw, an award waiting for you on my blog :)

keith said...

Such a good post! Thanks for reminding how to pronounce Arsenal! I live quite close to their home at Highbury and I've never really given it a second thought!!!

Suma said...

LOL...keep guessing ;)

guess who is the most fav parent these days? Yup, moi!

sigh..my whole time is spent in polishing that lil screen :)...but its actually a 'cool' phone...

I think Anirudh is very smart..he's gonna give you a lot to blog about :)

you have a sister here? hey make a trip here soon..the animals are waiting for cubby...erm i meant teh ones in the zoo ofcourse!

i do know my mobile...but i'm not gadget crazy! and yes, kids are also moving with the times :)

lol...shooo...go concentrate on that girl in the gym...:)

i just can't say that word now...without stressing even more on what should not be stressed

to teh 11 yrold, i clarified how i should be saying it...while to the 6 yrold, i told him that his handwriting is much neater than mine, and that maybe we both could do handwriting together, without the ruler...

Suma said...

:)you're imagination is wonderful..keep guessing

exactly! what do they know?!!!
enjoy your holiday to Delhi!

thank you :)


and THANK YOU for the award...

Adorable Pancreas said...

I'm always doing that. Finding money in various parts of my bag just when I thought I was stone broke. :)