Monday, March 16, 2009

Forget-me-not (2)

The end of a week and the beginning of a lazy day. A piping hot cup of masala chai and the settling down to read a few blogs, in peace hopefully. A sip and a thoooooo...a grimace and a sigh...

It was plain ginger flavored watery milk! I had forgotten the tea leaves..Again!

I sneak a look at the hubby. He is still sipping the warm drink, probably thinking that its another one of those concoctions i churn out once in a while, disguised under the mantle of health drink.

And when i read this, ( a post i wrote long back), i realise not much has changed.

Reminded me of the recent time i had left my handbag in the train in Sydney. I got down and had walked out of the station when suddenly i felt different. I felt very light (not lightheaded, but light as in the opposite of heavy). That's when i realised that i had left my handbag in the carriage. That handbag is what gives me the perfect balance, stuffed as it is with everything I may need! So, we rushed back, the 11 yr old enjoying this reversal of roles and proceeding to air a few mean sound bytes. The official made all the appropriate sounds before finally telling us to wait for 15 minutes, we were lucky that the train had terminated at that station and it would make its way back at the same platform. And that's how i got my bag back..

and of course just because the hubby was extremely mean to me that time, he forgot his wallet and card holder at the security check at the Perth airport, the boarding tickets at a check in counter in Melbourne. and i made a few loudly appropriate noises too.

Every time i leave home, i invariably do a few patting exercises...pat my pocket to check if my train/bus card is there, another pocket if my mobile's safe... my handbag to see if the money's ears to see if I'm wearing BOTH my earrings...someone watching would be forgiven for thinking that I'm practising the latest dance moves!

So a few days back, kid senior came back from school, and sheepishly informed me that he had bought lunch at school...He had forgotten that i had made lunch for him (burgers with homemade veg patties, that too waking up at 6 am, people!) even though he had put it in his bag himself, with his own not so little hands!

'Where did you get the money from?' i asked.

Scratched his head and said "I don't know, it was there" giving the impression that it was a miracle! Turns out that the miracle occurred when two friends returned the cents they had borrowed on different occasions.

What do i say?

Lage raho?

(PS.Abha, don't make me stand in a corner, I've not YET forgotten your tag, just a few crucial details! :)


Pavi!!!! said...

Ur lucky that ur "naturally" absent-minded! Atleast forgetting things dont make u feel 'old', like it does for the rest of us!

n wooow..u make veg patties at home!

Rambler said...

pat-ing exercise..I too do it a lot

btw..nowadays every time I make roti's i seem to forget the salt, and like two times a month forget my lunch at home..can you believe it? after waking up early in the morning to cook something, and then having to buy a bad tasting burger for lunch?

Preethi said...

Haha.. what can I say .. its all in the genes??? My dad was absent minded... my sis and I are competing now to top him!!

Preethi said...

Forgot to add... my dad was the biggest absent minded person I have ever known... but he had n excuse he was very busy.. Now he is retired and stress free, but still walks around looking for something or the other!!

eye-in-sty-in said...

hee hee hee - that was fun to read!

~nm said...

As always loved reading your post. I just love the way you write.

And tehse kids and these men don't leave a chance to "air a few mean sound bytes.". Do they? :D

--xh-- said...

I do that patting thing - my jeans pocket to make sure i have the wallet, and id card, and my jacket pockets to make sure i have both my cell phones...

ugich konitari said...

Suma, its all relative :-)

At least your husband didnt forget you.

Aeons ago, when we used to return together from work on a two wheeler, My husband kick-started the scooter (before electronic ignition), sort of waited, THOUGHT I had got on pillion, and took off, occasionally talking to what he thought was me at the back....

Reached half way home before realizing the entertainment he was causing amidst people he knew. since those were days before cell phones/hands-free etc etc, which allow you to "talk to yourself" ....:-)

rm said...

hahahaaooo hahahaa these are times i feel i am not alone or i am not a misfit. thanks for sharing and making me more confident.oh..i can imagine drinking the tea part...
did u tell him u forgot the tea leaves?

Just Like That said...

Suma!!!!! Didn't you notice the colour of the drink???? white , not brown?
Yeah, the men in the family are mean. Think it has to do with the male genes.

Suma said...

good question...i think i forgot the milk too! i add the milk later on...i don't like to boil the know how some things are so automatic that you don't realise what you are doing!

and men! the less said the better! :P

no, not if he's willing to drink it that way! and yes, being forgetful makes for amusing moments

HAHAHA..i imagined that scene and that was too funny...

we've started a new dance routine!

i totally agree on your observations...thanks, girl!

Suma said...

thank you...

so who's winning? and your dad's forgetfullness must have made many a merry day!

forgetting salt is still ok...good for health and all that...but forgetting to take a cooked lunch and eating a burger...i feel for you, the bright side - dinner is taken care of:P

pat, pat on back...i makethem once in two weeks and deepfreeze them!
forgetting things does not make me feel old? why? because i am old?

brocasarea said...

patting exercises!!

i some times forget tht am wearing specs and keep searching till my mom points it out!!..;)...[she never forgets abt these things]

Sumana said...

Patting exercise was funny for sure, the new dance moves. You are not alone. For once i had left my debit card in the machine and drove back 2 miles to get it. Luckily got it.

Inder said...

can understand that... though i can remember losing just a bus-pass and mobile in the past 4-5 years, the ceremony i go through to avoid missing things is painstaking :)

Guruprasad said...


i'm the king of lost cell phones! i must have lost about 15 of them so far in this lifetime itself... and i'm still counting! :P

the last one i bought is the cheapest nokia model which even the auto driver calls out to me to collect if i leave it behind in the auto hoping that i can 'lose' it so that i can buy a new one! :P

rayshma said...

i am dying to ask WHY one earring would be missing! ;)
hehehe!! :D

also... i want to know what ur 11 year old said.. esp the mean things! :D
i tend to pride myself on never having forgotten/dropped/misplaced/lost possessions. am adequately scared of the "universe" conspiring against me to now check 20 times before i leave! hehehe!! :D

WhatsInAName said...

lol! Hugs to you, Suma for making me feel so so normal!
You know, my hubby forgot his pouch containing his passport and foreign exchanges and travellers cheques, in the plane once while in transit! And that too in a foreign country. It was a frantic one hour before the officials traced it! Phew, some experience that!
And dont ya worry, I have coolly left my mobile in a taxi after I fought with the driver fr a mere 10 rupees that he charged in excess! Can you beat that?

Kavi said...

Ah ! That Pat exercise was funny ! I mean i am glad there are others in the world who do that beside me !!!

And those miracle two cents almost make it a O Henry story !!

And the last line was the cherry on the cake ! Lage Raho !!

Lovely !!


Mama - Mia said...


Suma, you are too cute! i have forgotten my cellphone in cab. my purse in a haryana transport bus (the drama deservs a post in itself!) and yes done the single earing thing too! :p

and if you promise to keep churning out such great posts, i can wait forever for the tag! :D



Gazal said...

oh yes..i know that part where it hurts like hell,when u pack in the yummies in the lunch and they forget to eat.

what hurts more the wastage of food or getting up at 6??

no answers required !!!

Anonymous said...

Its because of the kids. They caused us to lose our memory cell.s Studies have proven this.

That said, how could you forget tea leaves. I mean isnt there a certain ritual to making chai.

Add water..pound ginger, boil..add sugar+leaves add milk boil,strain and drink?

I am still laughing about that.

And halia susu is a drink that is available in all hawker centers. You know this right?

Suma said...

that must be frustrating to always 'lose' your specs :)

sheesh...that must have been a scary monent for you...i always go paranoid checking the atm all over for somenthing i would hav eforgotten..till date tho, i've never forgotten anything at teh atm, except perhaps my pin no...

i know, i know...i too have a long process to trying to remember but sometimes, it just happens...

LOL...what may you be suggesting, if i may ask?
once i wore 2 diff earrings, the neighbors darling 5 yrold noticed it, and i said..oh its a mix and match day... phew..narrow escape there!...

Suma said...

that was too funny...i've yet to lose a cellphone...just left it at a shop once, but got it back...:)

god those must have been interesting mudt post on them... with your characterstic style, it would make a fun read...

thank you...looks like everyone has learnt the 'pat' read ugich's comemnt...hilarious!!!

do post on would make a fun read...and nice to know that alomost everyone is kinda forgetful! :)

gazal:: know teh feeling right?

memory loss because of teh kids? sounds plausible!
and chai, ireally don't know...i add my milk after its strained...but tealeaves...? have no clue how i forgot that...that said, i've caught myself grating garlic into teh tea i guess anything's possible with me :/

and halia susu, i know that :: the kids had a freak out time with the 'susu' name...:D

Mimi said...

OMG!!how did I not read you before this?I had so much fun reading this post!!
BTW,absent-minded me too..but hubby beats me hands down.I blame my forgetfulness on the baby!:P

Joy said...

:) I can't stop laughing that G had the "tea leaves" barring tea thinking its one of your concoctions :) :)

Monika said...

oh i am sorry if it sounds mean but u make me feel good ;-)

i thought i am the only one who forgets things...

"someone watching would be forgiven for thinking that I'm practising the latest dance moves!" ROFL...

RandomThoughts said...

Such graphic descriptions I could actually visualise everything you wrote esp the two cent bit! My son does that too.

RandomThoughts said...

Such graphic descriptions I could actually visualise everything you wrote esp the two cent bit! My son does that too.

Adorable Pancreas said...

I love those miracles when I'm broke. :)
(I thought I'd left a comment, but I hadn't, apparently.)

pink dogwood said...

so my kids are not the only ones leaving the packed lunch and buying instead :)

I can clearing imagine you doing the macarena, patting every where to make sure you have everything before you leave the house :)