Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Bond that binds!

Because  in spite of being the middle sister and invisible  to the rest of the world. :D,  I'm going to do my regular  job of adding color,  pep and tadka to your lives with my words.

Because  I'm the cheesiest cheez to bind you both (sorry couldn't resist)

Because you girls cook the best food and I will always show my appreciation by eating everything  you make, I promise.

Because our kids will always feel at home with each other (Nikhil we take full credit for the little goodness in you!)

Because we are to each other, the smiles that drive away the frowns and the laughter that dries up the tears

Because we laugh the loudest at each others'  jokes, that get sillier and funnier with every passing year

Because we lift each other up,  from the deepest dismal low and are each others' gentle critics and earnest motivators.

Because we understand each others' deepest fears and dreams so very well.

Because  it's Raksha  Bandhan
And friendship  day today,  tomorrow  and forever more ! :*