Sunday, April 5, 2009

when a wish came true!

When school starts after a two week break, it's going to be tough and exciting. Tough because the free spirit has to be caged into a routine, esp after all the unrestricted fun of the past days and exciting because it is after all a new year in school among familiar faces and different teachers.

We've had plenty to do the past 15 days, with libraries, waterparks, and the science centre being our favorite haunts, not to mention overdosing on high energy food. I really enjoy these days when there is no need to adhere to a set timetable and when we take the day as it comes. So it did not come as a surprise when the 6 yrold wished he could have extra holidays. :)

Still we thought we had prepared pretty well for the new term. Polished shoes, ironed uniforms and a packed school bag were set in its proper places, giving the first day of school its rightful importance; even though we all knew that the remaining weeks would be spent in the last minute flurry of packing school bags, and hunting for the right pair of socks at the last minute...

Monday morning dawned a bit too early and it was back to the routine of waking up with the birds and trying to coordinate your limbs which seemed to be having a mind of their own.

Lunchboxes packed, waterbottles filled and prayers said, we were ready and waiting for the bus, which never arrived.

Fifteen minutes later, we were still waiting...and i mentally prepared myself to drop them to school!

Finally i called the bus driver in irritation...and got a puzzled reply 'But school reopens on April 7th!!!'

A call to a friend confirmed the same...

Sheepish looks all round, a burst of laughter, a moan from the 11 yrold for having given up his precious sleep for nothing and a yell of delight from the 6 yrold who was quite thrilled that his wish came true!

Ok so i had forgotten the actual date, but really it's not my fault! Whoever reopens school on a Tuesday, anyway?


--xh-- said...

Tuesday? then why cant they postpone it to next Monday? :-D

mindspace said...

Must have been a wOw and O'shit moment at the same time :)

Keshi said...

lol sometimes we forget Suma..its ok :):)


Just Like That said...

LOLOL anyway all's well that ends well. Enjoy the bonus, all of you :-D

kavi said...

Oh Boy !! I had such a roll !! this was too good.

I guess the 11 year old and 6 year old have their priorities clear !!

This put a smile on my Monday face !


rm said...

wow! what a holiday..i can imagine their happines.

and :-) really u havent changed a bit.

ugich konitari said...

Unscheduled sudden holidays are nicer than planned ones. I'm sure your kids are thrilled to bits. And about the Tuesday opening, my children had a school which excelled in opening on Thursdays. (So you could gradually adjust to a 5 days week :-)

Mama - Mia said...

shouldnt this have been called "forget-me-not 3"???!!! :p

what fun though!! abd who ever said wishes dont come true! :D



Joy said...

:) In S'pore, they start the new school year in April.. My kid's school also reopens next Tuesday after the Easter break!!! I was always thinking it as Monday!!

As long as you get one more day of freedom, anything is worthwhile... Enjoy your eve(I am sure its 7:00 PM Monday eve in S'pore right now).. Tomorrow the driver would be there !!! :) :)

brocasarea said... lucky..these things[classes getting canceled] really makes children happy...!!...:)

Pavi!!!! said...

Unexpected holidays are the best thing in the world...:)

n ya who the hec opens a school on a Tues!!!!

rayshma said...

u were just being wishful, no? all part of ur evil plan, i'm sure! :D
one more day, suma.. don't worry! :D
THEN.. u've got to tell me what u do @ home! :D
oh.. i've to mail you abt something... :D

pink dogwood said...

This is just hilarious :) but oh that one extra day must have been so super sweet, even if the precious sleep was lost.

Rambler said...

oh this is the best way to start a school week :)

Suma said...


ohh yes! definitely, tho i could hav edone with some extra sleep :))

pink dogwood...
we suddenly found a few things to do,and chilling out for no reason seemed fun! and they got some kicks out of eating their snack and lunch dabbas at home! :D

:) for teh first half
and THEN, i didn't understand the rest...waiting for the mail

Sumana said...

Suma, how could you do that to the kiddos? Ahh the precious sleep. Man i would have jumped along with the little one. One more whole day of precious fun. Glad they ate the dabbas, my case i would have to eat the dabbas. So they would almost be completing the first day of the new academic year by now.

Suma said...

unexpected hols are definitely the best!


enjoy your easter hols...yes the bus was on time today, and the driver had a HUGE grin on his face...

that would have been the ideal title...and its great when wishes do come true, esp when unexpected...but we wasted a wish, nah?

Suma said...

the kids were thrilled...and we had a sort of picnic at home, the food was all packed you see, :)

hehe...i guess, this was one absent mindedness which we loved!

glad to make your Monday quite cheerful...

you said it so well, and just like you :P

:), sometimes we forget and its fun too

Suma said...

wow..that was so well said...:)

MOnady?!!!! now that's wishing a bit too much...

yesss!!! and i'm waiting for teh kiddos to come home and tell me all teh juicy news :))

Sairekha said...

Hahahahhahaha.... seriously babe!

Suma said...

che! :D

Neera said...

ha ha ha ..delightful :) loved the line abt the first day being given its due importance when every subsequent morning would be spent hurrying around :D

Monika said...

lol ... what a read this one was....

onlooker said...

could well imagine you three standing all somberely peeping and bending, looking out for THE bus and then ofcourse trudging back albeit happily and sheepishly!! :>