Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The sneak who crept in

This weekend we had a visitor. An unwelcome one too.

Hiding behind the drapes, the creepy sneak or should i say the sneaky creep?

What do I do?

(I'm well known for not moving a muscle when it comes to those tiny things but with the power to freeze me on the spot. Lizards, flying cockroaches, mice... I'm petrified of them. I'm known to have screeched in terror mistakenly thinking that the hair which fell on my neck suddenly, was a mouse's tail.

I've spent 3 hours staring at the progress of a lizard on the ceiling and afraid to close my eyes because I was afraid that it may decide to fall into my gaping mouth..Ewwww...When the visions started getting more hideous, I had to get up and finally wake up my father (i was on a holiday in Bangalore) who chased it away.

Sigh! Fathers are the BEST! )

So this time, I had to call the only knight available, who used a broom as his sword. G is great at driving away pests. Most of them. I'm not going anywhere though.

So after much drama in the room with two kids being told to look at the lizard and not me, they managed to chase the creepy visitor out.

Me? i was as far away from the scene as possible.

Yesterday, when i entered the kitchen, what do i see? Another lizard right in the middle. Blinking at me. Perhaps wondering where its cousin had gone to?

What did i do? G wouldn't get up, so much for the knight halo. So I bravely tried to chase it away with much tapping and dancing, and it, perhaps bored with all the early morning drama, went straight into the laundry room.

We now look forward to a week of unwashed clothes, because no way am i entering that room now. Come to think of it, perhaps the smell of unwashed socks will make the thing slither out...*brightens

And then the six yr-old consoled me saying that when he gets a bat as a pet, he'll make sure that the bat keeps the lizards away!

bats? pet? WhatWhenEeksdeepbreathNOway!!!!!

Now I'm sure something scares you. Make me feel better, and tell me?


Rambler said...

ah now we know how to scare you out of a room :)

--xh-- said...

bats as pets?? WOW.. i thought i am the only one who wanted a bat as a pet.. does he love snakes to? :-D

well, spiders have this effect on me - i still call my mom/dad/bro when i am at home, and if I see a spider - they have a knack of stepping out of their cracks the moment i enter the old bathroom :|

Mama - Mia said...

hehe! lizards sorta freak me out too. last i saw a tenny one in our bathroom and I jhatkoed my clothes before wearing many times!!

and would you belive, i am scared of crows! nothing freaks me out more!

roaches n all, i am cool! can kill em too! :D



Sairekha said...

hahahahahahahhaa.... I cant take it anymore... ROFL!:)

manuscrypts said...

i'm afraid that after the supreme court rulings against freedom of expression, you are likely to be sued by the lizards :P

ceedy said... sure are scared of the lizards...and I loved this line

"G is great at driving away pests. Most of them. I'm not going anywhere though"


rayshma said...

just yday... there was this ROACH in my house!!! and i called that man i married and i screamed, raved, whined... etc.. from all the noise on the phone.. he u'stood there was a roach. THEN... he says... "will take care of it in the evng"
he sure wasn't taken care of in the evng!

i HATE roaches!!!! and BUGS.. and all insects!!!
bats as pets... hmm... i think u'll like me after all! :D all i want is an alligator, a tiger and a few dogs & cats! :D

p.s: that lizard will slither outta the laundry room and INTO the house!! EEEKKKKSSSSS!!!!!

Kavi said...

Rats ! Rats. My dog once chased down a rat and the rat in fear jumped on me. On that day, i developed a special respect for the Pied piper of hamlin !


Pavi!!!! said...

awww! shoo the lizard!!!
i hate em too..actually im petrified of most things that are living and not plants or humans! Seriously! i have run a km in blr..with a cow chasing me, been chased across terraces by a dog , hurt by a crow n given sleepless nights by the lizard in my granny's place! Did i mention...i hate them ALL!

RandomThoughts said...

Rats are what i'm scared of.God!They must be something if it takes Lord Ganesha to control them.


WhatsInAName said...

awww hugs to you Suma for all the trauma you underwent! I hear you love and clear on that since i climb up on the nearest climbable thing when i see anything crawling eeks they give me creep!
and to think cockroach survived even a nuclear holocast Gosh they are here to stay

rm said...

oh fathers are the best no doubt. wishing u all the best while washing clothes :-)

Sumana said...

Lol was a great read. Those little things scare us to death i am sure. Could you not have recorded the dance drama and uploaded it on youtube, we will know how to drive the pests if not out atleast to the next room. LOL

Deepali said...

Hahahaha the post is hilarious. But I can feel your pain. I know what it's like not wanting to enter a room or something because there is an insect or so.

Lizards are cool though. They usually hang around the ceilings or upper walls and keeps insects at bay or rather in their stomachs, so they are all good.