Thursday, January 14, 2016

The precise art of saying hello!

I looked at her, she looked at me. She came towards me, with a very determined look. I cringed knowing that I would goof up again. Was I sweating? I hoped not!

Was it going to be on the left or the right, left or right?

She inched towards my left while i inched towards her right.

So intent was I on getting it perfect,

that I never realised when she changed directions!

Clash!!! splat!!
*$#& a bruised cheek, an even more bruised ego!!!

Many years back, I had written this after a cheeky air kiss greeting went amiss.  A hello seemed to require a lot of precision and grace, just to safely connect.

Last evening, at the Lohri gettogether at my apartment complex, I realised not much seems to have changed with me, since then. Atleast with the ones I didn't know well.

I seem to have confused quite a few, when I decided to change mid track and offered my hand instead of my cheek. I'm sure kissing my hand was not the greeting they had in mind. And when I thought it was time for a cheek to cheek greeting, I got popcorn and gajak. On my cheek!

So that's why you see all my enthusiasm in my smiles, while I buy seconds and tick all the criteria in my mind : do i know her? distance of a cm, an inch, a foot? side hug, full hug, bone-crushing hug? right cheek, left cheek, no cheek?


I'm kidding. I love you all. And you will be patient with me while I make up my mind, wont you?

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Just Like That said...

LOL. I'm so going to kiss when we meet next!