Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The urban giraffe

Heard in the playarea, an exclamation ; "Look, giraffes!!!!"

The kids present there, came rushing to see...Giraffes in the condo?

Soon came the loud protests from the kid brigade : "Those are not giraffes, those are cranes!"

She insisted, "But they look like giraffes, see that's the long neck and that's the face...."

Five minutes later she continued her walk, leaving a few excited kids admiring the 'giraffes' with the colored faces!

Whatever happened to imagination?


Monika said...

how sweet they actually do look like giraffes :)

Just Like That said...

LOLOL! they make perfect giraffes, I agree. :-D

ugich konitari said...


Thats brilliant ! Maybe Jurassici Giraffes, but certainly a likeness.

Ms Edwardina de Bono ?

Or was that you ?

Suma said...

i wish the photo was clearer but this was the best i could from the height was in...

Of course you would see my point of view!

now, you are brilliant! why did i not think of dinosaurs? Why?!!!

It's good noone has called me over imaginative here!

Sumana said...

you know what they perfectly seemed like giraffes.

rayshma said...

that is exactly what i'd said when i had shifted to that apt in dubai.. they DO look like giraffes!!!!
well.. of course, there were no kids around.. .but my team spread the world that i was crazy after that. :(

but i still maintain.. they DO look like giraffes... they should paint spots on them and THEN see!

Kavi said...

Children and their imagination are untapped to a large extent !

Encouraging them to see parallels and live life king size in their minds is so very important !


Joy said...

Great imagination. They do look like one...

Suma said...

Sumana, Joy:
they do don't they? just wish i had taken a better pic, but then i'd have to be half the size of a giraffe myself:)

you mean to say, I'm as crazy as you?!!! let me go and digest that bit of news,...:D
and yes, they do look like giraffes, ..*stamping foot to emphasize the point

this was one of the pics i wanted interpreted in the 'kavi' style? and yes, encouraging them to think without fear of being right/wrong is so important.

Shails said...

:).Loved your previous post too.

Neera said...

:) Wonderful imagination undoubtedly :)

Pavi!!!! said...

I'll be honest i cldnt see it before u mentioned it..but after u mentioned..YES i see a girrafee..SACHI !!!

Raaga said...

First time here... and am finding it hard to "let go". Loved your space.