Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SURPRISE!, surprise!

My grandfather passed away last week...Leaving me with nothing but a whole lot of memories to clutch onto. He was truly a good man, having always followed a principle of generosity and giving back to society in many ways. Right now, i'll leave it at that..there is so much that i would want to say but not yet...

Understandably, the week has been melancholic, with G being away in Finland. I also realised that however sad you can be, life does indeed move on...albeit reluctantly

And so the hubby came back, took one look at me and promptly decided that he would manage kids, home and work (*GASP!!!), hopefully in that order, while i go to India to be with my mom and grandma. Now how did he know that was where I wanted to be at the moment?!!! and when did he turn into a mind reader?!!! When? When?!!!

The next day, i saw the surprise gift lying on the table for me and a happy anniversary wish! What?!! When?!!! (i clearly need to improve on my surprised vocabulary)

Now G does not like a lot of fuss..ergo, surprises and G do not go together... ERGO pls do notice my new improved language skills, by inserting Latin here and there..

Back to the surprise act...It is generally me who likes to surprise, be it with tacky jokes or sentimental drama, or overactive vocal displays...

The last time i truly spectacularly surprised G was by blacking out and hurting my forehead....a few days before his surprise 40th birthday party! You can always count on me to do things in style. We also had to cancel the birthday party.

So this gift indeed was quite an uncharacteristic gesture. Especially since this month has passed without the customary not so subtle references to special occasions, gifts, etc..etc...

Just goes to show that it's possible to spend 15 years together and still not know everything about the other person!!

The bottom line is that these two gestures have done the needful! Made me all very sentimental and acting just like a karan johar film heroine. Is there a law against being too nice?
While i was initially living with the cheerful image of a harassed 41 yr old (make that 42) running to the bus-stop with two boys and schoolbags and 6 snack boxes,(sigh..what a sight!), I've reluctantly tossed that picture out of the window. I'm suddenly feeling very very benevolent. and loving. and contented. I'm busy freezing dinners and in general trying to make life easier for the poor dear, the next week. I've also told my two angels who use me as their personal punching bag to kindly wait for my return to resume service.

(i'm also ignoring the suspicion that well timed surprises to emotional suckers are indeed very beneficial to the other person!!! It doesn't pay to be too cynical...)

Please do notice the dears and darlings liberally sprinkled here and there throughout the post.

and also the fact that I'm mentioning G exclusively in this post!!! (trust me, you need to be very special and current news to make it here...)

Can you believe we've spent 15 years together? already?!!!Surprises never cease do they?!

Happy anniversary to us!!! And here's to many many more!!! *clink

and you guys take care, while i spend a few days with my mom and family, gathering more precious memories of my grand dad to treasure and keep and ofcourse till I return back home to the ones who make my moments memorable in every way!


Deepali said...

Sorry about your grandfather.

Happy Anniversary.

I'm glad your husband is such a thoughtful guy :)
I hope he survives all right without you :)

Rambler said...

happy anniversary TA

ugich konitari said...

Happy Anniversary, Suma. And how wonderful that you are able to get back and be with your parents, at this time.

And a great big pat on the back for G. I am probably one of the few blogger types old enough to give virtual pat-on-the-backs to your G.

My condolences on the loss of your grandfather...

~nm said...

I'm a tad bit late but then better late than never..right!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

And sorry to hear about your grandpa!

brocasarea said...

hehe.....happy anniversary!!:)

and hope ur "dear" husband reads this!!:D

Pavi!!!! said...

My My..this week has indeed been such a mix of emotions for u!

Sorry to hear abt Grandpa..hope hsi soul rests in peace.

Wish U n G a V.V Happy Anniversary...n countless wonderful years of togetherness!
15 yrs..wooow! tht does sound so long!V n I cldnt blv we completed 2 yrs..i donno wat we'll be thinking when we reach the 10 yr mark!

n awww..the hubby has been so cute!He deserves a pat on the back frm us n more from u!:P

Preethi said...

Happy Anniversary girl.. and hugs..sorry about your grand dad.. I can imagine how you feel!!

rm said...

wow!! happy anniversary..have a great time back home..and i am sure the surprise made sure that the heart will stay with dear and

manuscrypts said...

bittersweet... condolences and happy anniversary

Joy said...

Happy Anniversary Suma and G! Here is to many more such wonderful days and moments you both would share in your life.

Sorry to hear about your grandfather. Good you could be around your ma and grandma. Take care.

Meira said...

Happy Anniversary to you. Here's to many more years of happiness.
And you take care too :)

Monika said...

happy anniversary and wishing u many more to come....

and condolences for ur grandpa... may his soul rest in peace

Sumana said...

Sorry to hear about your grand dad Suma. Glad you get to be with the family at this sad time. You guys make a great pair. Wish you a very happy anniversary.

Ps said...

Really sorry abt your grandpa.
And what a wonderful surprise.
When are you coming to India?

rayshma said...

u didn't get the other clue in all this?
when u don't HINT at gifts... u tend to GET them! :D

be back soon. :)

Mama - Mia said...

life does move on!

your posts clearly shows that! :)

Happy Anniversary Suma and heres to many many more! 15 years! woohoo! phew!

and may your Grandpa's soul rest in peace.



pink dogwood said...

Sorry to hear about your grandfather. I am glad you got a chance to be with your mom.

Adorable Pancreas said...

Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

of course it is sad that your granddad passed away - may his soul rest in peace

but u never failed me to smile - and i actually feel guilty :)
G is a very thoughtful guy indeed :) and it is interesting to see - how the bad scenes of torture change to benevolent, loving ones! :)


Happy Anniversary :) may u have many more surprises from him :) and many more memorable memories to create :)

Hope your mom is well and yur family recovering

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